Zain HD

Since the team is ridiculously good looking and surprisingly shy, RA has appointed a Frontman.

Zain HD is a middle class child who loves the fine exquisite things in life, but often finds himself getting his hands ‘dirty.’

Since fifteen till graduation, at each break he was either working or travelling. He read law at UiTM, including a post-graduate diploma in Syari’ah Law. Throughout university he taught private home tuition to SPM students and internships include with the High Court of Shah Alam, Eurocopter Malaysia the International Committee of the Red Cross.

In 2008 he founded RandomAlphabets, a non-profit arts collective that organises guerilla and flashmob event based projects via social media with the premise of bringing people together. Initiatives he managed includes KL Freeze in Unison, Read while Waiting Project, Wolrd Pillow Fight Day Kuala Lumpur ChapterĀ and the Merdeka Train Party. In 2009, he inspired the setup of Wago Sdn Bhd. He writes at

He can be reached at

From now on, I hope you readers do not bother me unless you have something to contribute for RA.

-The Administrator