The Writers

People with the ability to key in jumbled words on this site are as follows:

  • No Comment-thinks alot less, types alot more. Wtv.
  • Zahara Raskolnikova-designed the websites theme. Loves the third and fourth world.
  • Loud&Clear-pretender. Graduate from the University of Peanus, Planet Venus.
  • Thomas Richard Harriot-writes for promotional sake and is never wrong.
  • Cheemtegra-banker. Loves being first. Hates being last.

The nature of the posts published on this website are that all the writers will submit the rubbish they have typed, half the time the gist of it, and the one who pretends to be the Editor polish their work and collect taxes.

Most of the writers are actively complacent in their contributions. Persistently insisting that they are underpaid and overworked.

Should you feel comfortable, by whatever cause, to contribute your writing, then Contact Us.

Tanjung Karang, Malaysia.