Annexe merdeka weekend collision

August 30, 2008

Sunday 31st August 2008, 12pm to 2pm Lecture. From Panji To The Present ~ A short history of sexuality in Malaysia and South East Asia by Dr Farish A Noor at the Annexe Gallery, Central Market.There’s loads of other stuff going on as well.

the annexe central marketart-for-grabs central market

Was at class today and I was informed that there’s a makeup test tomorrow/Sunday/Merdeka Day, for both papers at 10am.

Which forced me to skip my friends wedding tonight and this

Sunday 31st August 2008, 12pm to 2pm Lecture
From Panji To The Present ~ A short history of sexuality in Malaysia and South East Asia
by Dr Farish A Noor at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market.

There’s loads of other stuff going on as well. Loads. Super for art enthusiasts. More info here.

Meant to meet Michelle Yeoh there, who is busy preparing the launch of Which is really really soon. :)

Pictures: rwp wellington, eindhoven, kuala lumpur, melbourne, singapore

August 25, 2008

.wellington Alastair Smith

In Civic Square, Wellington. Photo by Alastair Smith



Read while Waiting Project

“To think that it was just an idea you had some 3 months ago to where it is now. You’ve done so much, am proud of you.”
- Miss Not Ascertainable

RWP first crossed my mind in early May 2008. While I was pushing my bike on the highway after it ran out of petrol. It was one of the best times of my life.

I’ve been a law graduate since December 2007, and could be earning perhaps RM2000 a month for an employer silly enough to pay me that kind of money. But I’m not.

Instead I’m a self-employed unpaid pseudo activist doing what I feel like doing and persuading as many people as I can reach, convincing them why they should listen to this madman.

Whether you commend or criticise the Read while Waiting Project, but henceforth at some point in your life, it has (even) subconsciously moved you to read as oppose to not doing anything productive with that time, I then, have achieved what I set out to do.

RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks

*All pictures you see here are also available on Facebook.




“I just left the place. Although tak ramai, I’m really happy with it. Ada dalam 6, 7 orang, and they are all totally strangers, grouped together to read books. Best douh. Thanks a lot bro. You taught me something there and I felt it.”
- Izhar Moslim

To promote the participation and awareness of RWP, RA has done 3 things (1st video, 2nd video & 23rd August flashmob) and have 1 more remaining. That is, the BookCrossing gathering.

It is where people, strangers and friends, would meet up to either loan or give away books. This gathering will be done in a few months time.

Below are pictures from Melbourne. It was coordinated by Izhar Moslim, who arranged for 400 RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks to be delivered to Melbourne at the last minute via Afiah Hafiz.




“P.S. = it was .. niceeee !!!”
- Chiara Mafucci

RWP has 2 main objectives
1. To see more people reading (any form of literature) whenever they wait
2. To make people more conscious of whenever they are about to go somewhere and know that some waiting will be involved, then bring something to rea

Below are pictures from Eindhoven. It was coordinated by Chiara Mafucci. Chiara is from the south of Italy and works in Eindhoven. Zain HD had dinner with her in when he was in Eindhoven for one night (November 2007).




“’s raining here.”
- Sofiah Jamil

The reason why RA picked the ‘waiting’ element is because of the baby steps approach.

Don’t try to get someone who does not even read to start the habit, buying literature and/or set an over optimistic goal.

Below are pictures from Singapore. It was coordinated by Sofiah Jamil. She is researcher at the NTU Rajaratnam School of International Studies and co-founder of Itchy Traveller.



Kuala Lumpur

“Zain, great fun meeting you yesterday. Enjoyed the RWP. Let’s think of something fun for World AIDS Day please!”
- Marina Mahathir

The idea was to get a person comfortable with the idea of reading in the first place, and then what that person does subsequently, is up to them.

And the simplest way to do it, is to get them to not allocate a time of the day specially for reading, but to fill it in between things they already are doing.

Below are pictures from Kuala Lumpur (taken by Joshua Ong). It was coordinated by Zain HD of RA. He needs a break.

RWP also got picked up in New Zealand by two influential bloggers. Social commentator Paul Reynolds and former managing director & publisher of Penguin NZ, Graham Beattie. With the help from Paul, RWP was promoted on the Christchurch City Council Library Official Blog and the National Radio of New Zealand.



Random Attire

RWP is one of RA’s pro bono projects. Support our projects by donning these t-shirts.

Video – Read while Waiting Project: 23 August

August 23, 2008

Michelle Gunaselan, Niki Cheong, Fahmi Fadzil, Dr. Farish Noor, Sharon Bakar, Joyce Wong @ Kinky Blue Fairy, Su Ann Lim @ Pink Pau, Altimet, Farihin Abdul Fattah, Emmett Roslan Ishak, Ida Nerina, Sazzy Falak, Sharifah Aleysha & Aryana, Chef Ismail Ahmad, Jules & Prem, Shaz Mukhtar, Jazeman Jaafar

*The venues for RWP has been been announced. This includes for the Kuala Lumpur, Eindhoven, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne & Singapore Chapter. :)

RWP: Read while Waiting Project

RWP is not about 23rd of August. Or BookCrossing It is far beyond that. Scroll down to watch the videos that explains this project. Watch the video that explains the project: 1st version, 2nd version, 3rd version.


  1. To see more people reading (any form of literature) whenever they wait
  2. To make people more conscious of whenever they are about to go somewhere and know that some waiting will be involved, then bring something to read

This is what RA has in store for RWP.

  1. Pay It Forward Bookmarks
  2. BookCrossing campaign in conjunction with RWP. To be launched after 23rd Aug
  3. Look Up More flashmob 12th July
  4. D-Day 23rd August. Join RWP on Facebook. To date: 6500 people invited.

RWP*If you are interested to initiate wherever you live, then do Contact Us and we’ll help you promote it and get the word out. Just as we are doing for Eindhoven, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne & Singapore.

*You don’t need hundreds of people to do it on 23rd Aug. Just 3 or 4 friends is enough! :) Then send us pictures. We all have to start somewhere. So, start. You can do it. Just do it.

Kuala Lumpur : KL Sentral. Area in front of KFC, Dunkin Donuts & KTM Komuter entrance.

Sydney : Wharf 2 & 3. Circular Quay.

Melbourne : Bourke Street Mall Tram Station.

Perth : In front of David Jones, Murray Street Mall.

Singapore : Entrance to Wheelock Place on the Orchard Road side. The corner opposite Shaw.

Wellington : Civic Square. Outside Civic Art Gallery

Auckland :Aotea Square, Queen Street

Christchurch : Cathedral Square

Eindhoven : Central Station. Main entrance.

+Support this project by showing people you know the videos. Email the link. Pay it forward.+

*Click on the video that interests you. 1st version, 2nd version, 3rd version. RWP & Zain HD was featured in the 7 minute per-episode The Fairly Current Show by Pop TV.

Instead of explaining the project in a long elaborated post, RA did videos. The first video was uploaded in mid June. It includes Sean Connery and pictures from various participants.

The recently uploaded 2nd video has 3 versions. Each version has 3 sections explaining 3 different things by 3 different people, Altimet, Michelle Gunaselan & Niki Cheong. Each version includes supporters of RWP such as,.

Joyce Wong @ Kinky Blue Fairy, Farish Noor, Sharon Bakar, Emmett Butterfingers, Prem & Jules & Fahmi Fadzil – 1st version

Su Ann Lim @ Pink Pau, Prem & Jules, Sazzy Falak, Sharifah Aleysha & Aryana, Jazeman Jaafar & Ida Nerina – 2nd version

Farihin Abdul Fattah, Chef Ismail, Ida Nerina, Sazzy Falak, Sharifah Aleysha & Aryana, Emmett Butterfingers & Shaz Mukhtar – 3rd version


RWP is one of RA’s pro bono projects. Support us by donning our t-shirts.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Be part of RWP. Participate. A simple effort on your part, is an investment with great interest returns shared by many for now, and many years to come. It would mean the world, to the world.

Why am I doing this? Because if you want to see something happen, and no one else is doing it, then YOU do it.

-Zain HD

RWP weekend with pictures

July 28, 2008

Typo: stay tuned*

I wrote a few days ago about the hectic weekend of campaining RWP. Below are pictures from all 3 events.

  • Thursday : I received confirmation from the 3 hosts that I’ve been given a spot to talk about RWP at their events.
  • Friday : Ezra (Farish’s publisher) calls and suggest to screen the RWP video at the Book Launch. He’ll sort out the projector if I can sort out the CD. Immediately made calls to 2 friends of RA when it comes to videos, Vini & Altimet. Got it sorted and met Farish & Ezra that night for the first time to pass them the CD.
  • Saturday : Woke up and went to 4 hours of lecture. Rush off to print the RWP ‘poster’, then to Bangsar for Readings @ Seksan. At 4.50 I spoke, and at 4.54 I was on the road rushing to Taman Tun for the Book Launch.
  • Sunday : Doppelganger at Marketplace. Brilliant. Love the concept of the open mic. Anything and everything.


Readings @ Seksan

Dr Siong Toong SiongRobert Raymeramir muhammad

  • Poster by Shahril Nizam. I came across his book once. His illustrations are quite nice. Looks nothing like the poster.
  • Dr. Shih Toong Siong. Old school. Said some pretty interesting things about his book.
  • Robert Raymer. I had trouble following what he was reading, with the mic probs and the roadwork noises. His book has gotten good reviews though. He also teaches Creative Writing in Sarawak.
  • Kathleen Choo of Poetry Underground. Catchy stuff she had. Sharon taking a picture of her.
  • Sharon Bakar (the MC), introduced this guy as ‘the revolutionary’. Since I’m writing it, to be fair, I’ll quote from what she said in her blog, “This is Zain who is trying to rope us all in to take part in his wacky Read While Waiting project. I have a feeling we might just succumb to his charm!
  • The brownies that I did not see. Apparently, someone placed it there and it was from Amir Muhammad.

Thanks Sharon for letting me speak at again, another one of your events. AND for telling me to keep it short this time. I think it’s better that way too. :)


Book Launch : Di Balik Malaysia by Dr. Farish Noor

Guests watching the RWP videoDr. Farish A. NoorZaid Ibrahim

  • After the intro by the MC, I opened by talking briefly about RWP before the video screening.
  • The video screening. People watching. ( …. )
  • Dr. Farish A. Noor.
  • Zaid Ibrahim.
  • Some peoples checking outs the RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks.
  • Some more peoples checking outs the RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks.

I met a ton of people here and I thank them for the support. Besides the obvious, they were namely, Datin Suliana Shamsuddin, Jacqueline Ann Surin (, Jason (Editor Off The Edge), Malik Imtiaz, Juana Jaafar (Peace Malaysia), Carol (UNHCR), Daphne Lee (Dram Projects), Michelle Gunaselan.

Hope all this name dropping will nudge some of you readers to actually be part of this project, and not just talk about it. Seriously.


Doppelganger at Marketplace

Jaz Doppelganger

  • Madman speaking again.
  • Jaz, founder of the monthly Doppelganger and a superb host. On and off the stage.
  • RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks on the registration counter.
  • Registration counter.
  • Inside of Marketplace.
  • What came off Madonna’s chest. Refurbished, of course. :)


Tomorrow (Monday) night, I might be speaking at a talk at KGPA. And in the midst of speaking with organisers of other events.

As Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world.

The change I want to see is to have more people reading while they wait.

And all this is what I’m doing to make that change.

It would be nice to see you do something. For anything.

RWP bookmark

July 20, 2008

“You’re a workaholic. And if you’re not careful, it’s something that will always be. xxx”

For the moment:
The Ultimate (Live)- The Roots

*This post was originally written on 28 June.

RWP BookmarkIf you are visiting this website today, because you received the RWP bookmark, then you have made RA and it’s efforts happy. And a step closer to making RWP a success.

Read the main posting on RWP, that explains the whole project, here.

Join RWP on Facebook.

*If you really support and believe in this project, then take those bookmarks, pass it to someone you know. Leave it on your colleagues desk, in your classmates pencil box or next to your relative’s jamban. Whatever. As long as it gets the message around and delivered. Baby steps.

*If you want some more bookmarks/cards, let us know. We’ll meet up and pass it to you. We distributed more than 750 at KLue Urbanscapes and will be printing more.

One of the main basis of RWP is that it carries the Pay It Forward approach. So what we have done is that to make bookmarks that look like this.

We ordered 1000 of it.

And decided that we should distributed in batches of 3 so that the recipient can share it to more than 1 person.

Last night it arrived at my house and I sat down alone for almost 4 full hours, wrapping 999 RWP bookmarks with 333 black rubber bands.

Multiplies of 3 will get you 333 batches with one extra odd card out. The blue dot on the W, is that extra 1.

Because I’m just that gatal, I decided to use more rubber bands to put everything together.

The quote above, was an sms from someone who knows me only too well. My first time being told so. Something I didn’t notice for myself. Something I needed to hear for myself.

Again, if you are visiting this website today, because you received the RWP bookmark, then you have made RA and it’s efforts happy. And a step closer to making RWP a success.

Thank you. :)

Pictures from Rob!

June 30, 2008

Adrian Yap KLue UrbanscapesOur victim for Rob! was Adrian Yap. He’s the publisher and/or chief editor and/or boss of KLue magazine. :)

Late May: RA at KLue magazine for an interview (which will appear in their July issue) by Sarah Chan. As we were leaving, Didi asked us if we could do a flashmob for Urbanscapes.

Early June: Another meeeting. This time with Didi, Darren and Valene. RA proposed about 6 ideas and they picked Rob!

Mid June: RA sent out invitations for Rob! via and Facebook.

After that Early June meeting, we had to decide what random name to use because we didn’t want to call out ‘Rob!’. After brainstorming in deep thought (for 15 seconds!), our side blurted,

why don’t you saboh your boss Adrian Yap?

And we saw 3 wide smiles.

All pictures courtesy of Niki Cheong. Also thanks to Wei Nye, Kay Margera and Zam Nayan for helping out.

A photographer and videographer was meant to follow Adrian throughout the whole flashmob. However shortly before we started he disappeared. We later receive word from our collaborator, Valene from KLue (subordinate of the victim himself), that he was indeed in hiding.

In fact, he sent an sms to her saying something along the lines of “you think I’m stupid is it?!”

Nevertheless, that said we still did achieve the desired effect of a flashmob. Although later (or even by now) a bulk of the spectators knew it was a setup. But after all, it was KLue Urbanscapes. The crowd is somewhat familiar with the notion of flashmob. :)

We overheard people saying,

Ey, who is this Adrian Yap?

Eh this Adrian Yap owe people money or what?!

Is he someone’s ‘tau khei’ (anak buah gangster-as Wei Nye translates for me)

Hmmm. Is this somesort of a game? Where is Adrian?

These are the RandomAlphabets people I think.


I don’t know who he is but I’ll join in. Adrian!!!!

Below is the video RA did for Rob!

*Join our next flashmob, LUM : Look Up More. Below is the invitational video.

*We also distributed more than 750 of the Pay It Forward Bookmarks for RWP. :)

RWP Bookmark

Do not request a mythical freeze celeb

April 22, 2008

“Men. It is a shame to us women that we make them.”
-From Whom The Bell Tolls

For the moment:
Nutcracker Suite, Arabian Dance – Tchaikovsky
Nutcracker Suite, Dance Of The Reed Pipes – Tchaikovsky

*Below are two videos I think you should watch. The former recorded sometime in the 90′s. The latter is the Official Video for FWED’s version. Ours will be released on 4th May.

Of late I’ve been getting an immense amount of Friend Requests on Facebook. I do not know 95% of them. I suppose it’s because of all the Freeze buzz and putting myself somewhat out there. Not something I had time to think or plan about considering how things have been.

I like to get to know more people and make more friends. But I take the term ‘friend’ somewhat seriously and I avoid adding strangers on Facebook. Yes I do over analyse things and can be hard up the ass. I like things to mean what they’re suppose to or what I think it means.

I’m not sure how much of me they know, but allow me to share bits and pieces. I’m doing so because I am beginning to get this impression that some of you/them think that I’m this celebrity and all is well. A natural misconception due to the Freeze buzz.

Besides what is stated here, I ride a bike. And yes it is often cars don’t take our presence seriously. It looks like a normal 100-125cc bike but with an automatic transmission. I don’t own a car because it is not practical and I can’t afford it. Organising 3 projects in 3 Sundays made my handphone bill go up by at least 300%. My source of income comes from my parents even though I made it a point to stop asking for it years ago, I won’t ask them to stop giving just as yet either. Another part of my income is from teaching PMR & SPM students tuition and doing MC jobs.

All in all, it’s not much but I pull through and I am contented with what I have (beyond the monetary sense) and what I make (beyond the monetary sense). The best times of my life are when I’m with my little sisters. Despite them describing it as a nightmare in broad daylight with their eyes open and their ears covered.

Just like everyone, I rely and am close to my relatives. Except that compared to the average person, I have alot of cousins. They’re everywhere like roaches. They are the people I trust and surround myself with.

Moving along, a few days before Freeze For World Earth Day, I was already talking about the next project in May but that kind of mellowed down because FWED took up too much of my capacity. However, about 90 minutes after FWED ended, I splurge massacre like on the next project when I was having a post-mortem supper with 2 of my Right Hand Men: Hassan SGF & Nasir SHB.

At 3 am, another splurge came and I opened Microsoft Notepad (because I’m old school like that), and typed everything down and expanded the idea even more.