November 11, 2010

Not sure how in the you were but the team was doing PARAMKL last fasting month, early August till early September 2010. We were in BFM radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do a cross-over report from whichever PARAM (Pasar Ramadhan) we were at. Currently working on a video to summarize the whole project, but in short it was very interested as for this one, we almost did not have any on-ground events (except us going to the PARAMs). The whole project was online. Many thanks to BFM and all the media who helped us covered it. And finally of course thanks to all the food stall vendors and you supportive people!

Check out the portal here.

Video: World Pillow Fight Day 2010 – KL Chapter

May 3, 2010

Pillow Fight 2010 KL Chapter

Pillow Fight 2010 KL Chapter

On Saturday April 3rd 2010, there were massive pillow fights in cities around the world and this the KL Chapter. The official video for the World Pillow Fight Day that was held in 1Utama shopping centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; brought to you by Random Alphabets.
KL Pillow Fight 2010 was self-funded. All costs was either raised by RA t-shirt sales or from the pocket of the organizers.

World Pillow Fight Day: KL Chapter 2010 from RandomAlphabets on Vimeo.

Glee Flashmob Dance KL Coming Soon

April 28, 2010

+Its done! See the video here from The Star. We’ll be uploading another one soooonnnn….+

Checkkkkk ittttttt outtttttttt. Now you peoplessss know what we’ve been up to after KL Chapter World Pillow Fight Day 2010.

Okay so keep a look out yea. We will be launching sooonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

GFM web mock

We’ve got a new page on Facebook!

April 27, 2010

Join us there to keep up with updates, announcements and invitations to our events. Those who are on our Group and also Profile Page ‘RandomAlphabets Kuala Lumpur’ will be migrated to this page. Click here to join. :)


World Pillow Fight Day at 1Utama -3 April 2010

March 24, 2010

KL World Pillow Fight RandomAlphabets

Over 70 cities around the world participating-


New Gathering Point: Outside, Lower Ground, entrance of New Wing 1Utama, near Subway/Cold Storage.


Some of the things you will want to know:

  1. The location of this event’s Gathering Point will only be revealed days before the fight. Don’t ask where the Fight Point will be, we won’t tell. We never tell. You just find out when the time is right. At the last minute, that is.
  2. Gathering Point and Fight Point are two separate locations.
  3. Pillow Fight Police (PFP) will be at the Gathering Point to welcome you and escort you to Fight Point.
  4. PFP will stand out, it will be easy to spot them. If you can’t spot them, you shouldn’t be near a pillow.
  5. Bring your own weapon of choice. We will be selling pillows on that day just in case. If all the pillows get sold out, then you won’t have a weapon.
  6. Only Pillow Fight with someone who has a pillow. Do not hit the official photographers.
  7. Always be cool, we are not there to cause trouble or nuisance.
  8. There will be official photographers and videographers, and photos will be uploaded and available for all. In short, this is a Pillow Fight, not a photography competition. Fight, not click!
  9. Show your love to us by purchasing our t-shirts. Not all of our projects have sponsors. Buying our t-shirts help us in funding our projects. More importantly, participate! Join in!
  10. Most of all make sure you have fun!

This event is also on Facebook. Click here.

#KLPillowFight on Twitter

KL Pillow Fight Teaser cnvs

The Game Plan

4.00pm : Pillow Fighters come to the Gathering Point (the location for this will be announced online on 31 March)

4.30pm : Pillow Fighters will be escorted by the Pillow Fight Police to the Fight Point.

4.55pm : Both teams in position…time for battle…

Here’s last year’s gig. Watch it to get the idea if you haven’t got a clue.

Corntoz Pillow Fight Kuala Lumpur from RandomAlphabets on Vimeo. Music by Butterfingers.

Tali Tenang – Bangsar LRT Station

January 18, 2010


We’re on theStar: 250 tied by strings of solidarity and on NST: Networking for a group cause, thanks!

Meanwhile, here are some unofficial pictures from Chris Tock.


P1160431 P1160440 P1160443 P1160449 P1160452 P1160466 P1160499 P1160535 P1160542


*Read English version of text below.

*This event on Facebook:


Ingat tak ‘KL Freeze in Unison’?

Kami nak berjumpa lagi!

Banyak telah berlaku kebelakangan ini yang menimbulkan pelbagai reaksi di kalangan orang ramai.

Namun kami bangga Rakyat masih dapat terus bertenang.

Jom raikan kematangan kita sebagai sebuah masyarakat yang berjaya maintain cool! Jom jadi inspirasi kepada mereka yang tak berapa cool :]

Mari kita buat sesuatu yang simbolik. Bawa seutas tali dan bersama kita akan mengikat utasan tali masing-masing untuk dijadikan satu tali panjang yang cun gila.

Tali panjaaang yang cun gila itu pula akan kita bawa bersiar selama lebih kurang 15 minit untuk ditunjukkan kepada masyarakat Malaysia yang lain.

Mari bersama kita, semua dijemput serta! Sediakan:

1.      Seutas tali sepanjang tangan kanan anda [Tak kira warna atau jenis]

2.      [Pakai baju putih]

3.      [Kalau ada bendera Malaysia, bawa sekali]

Penting sekali, jangan lupa beritahu member-member semua! Jangan lupa datang!


Remember ‘KL Freeze in Unison’?

We want to reunite with you!

So much has happened in the last few weeks that has cause our country to be buzzing with agreements and disagreements.

But we’re proud that despite all that’s happened, we the Rakyat, have managed to keep our cool.

Let’s celebrate the fact that we have grown up to be a level-headed cool lot! Let’s inspire those not-so-cool to be cool :]

Let’s do something symbolic. Come with a piece of rope/string and we will tie them together to make one long, beautiful, cool rope that represents each and every one of us.

We will then take our fantastic work of art on a short, 15-minute tour for our fellow Malaysians to see.

Come and join us! Anyone and everyone! All you have to do is:

1.       Bring a piece of rope/string the length of your right arm [Any colour or texture]

2.       Wear a white t-shirt

3.       If you have a Malaysian flag, bring it along

Most importantly, share this news with your friends and you, of course, must come too!

Cheques to PRIDE & Eco Knights paid

October 31, 2009

Random Attire poster - Copy

Our first t-shirt project, was in support of raising funds and awareness for PRIDE Foundation and Eco Knights. It was also our first time trying to sell something to raise funds for ourselves, and also going into accounting in careful detail as we’re responsible for the money we’ve collected from the sales, later to be passed to these two wonderful organisations.

Pride Cheque Opp

Wonderful as without their participation and support, the t-shirts would have been just that. But their involvement gave it more meaning and with RA, we try to tie something good into everything that we do, as oppose to shooting blanks.

Pride Cheque

So to Adeline and her team at PRIDE Foundation, Yasmin and her team at Eco Knights thank you for trusting and believing in RA.

Eco Knights Cheque

Please note, this is the second cheque to Eco Knights. The first cheque is here.

Video: Merdeka Train Party

October 31, 2009

transitnetwork - Copy - Copy

Evidently, it took us a while to do the video. Many thanks to Vini Balan for having the patience to edit the video and deal with me for the countless of editions asked. Also thanks to food media company Fried Chillies again for providing technical support to allow us to use their equipment. -Zain HD

train party A4 - Copy

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