Official video kl freeze in unison

April 21, 2008

“…really wished that I could join the other day. The whole thing was beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS WELL DONE ;)”
-Erina Zahara Ellias

“Thought I should write you personally instead of ticking the RSVP box “Not Attending” that is so cold for such a warm and loving initiative in the spirit of humanity. Love and God bless you abundantly always and all ways.”
-Pat Lu

“For the sleepless nights and countless hours put into this! Was really great :)”
-Christopher Tock

KL Freeze in Unison Organising Committee

For 2 weeks now, Chantek has been the number 1 song on the charts of the number radio station in the country.

The Official Video KLFU was meant to be released on Sunday 20th April, and when it was, I told the editor, to take it down and edit it again according to my notes because of a few unexpected glitches. Despite his present success and hectic schedule, the video was worked on again promptly. Neither him nor others involved were paid for any part of their commitment. These are the kind of people I look for to work with on projects I am part of.

  • Sunday 6th April: Free Hugs at Tugu Negara with some fantastic friends.

  • Sunday 13th April: KL Freeze in Unison with an amazing team of volunteers.

  • Sunday 20th April: Freeze For World Earth Day (an event initiated and headed by, with a team of brilliant beings.

I once mentioned online and during a radio station interview that for KLFU I spent an immense amount of time in front of the computer, lost a lot of my appetite for food and went many hours without sleep.

I’m sure others from the team of volunteers went through something similar, and also organising committees of other projects around the world. But simple messages like the ones above from (strangers whom I may just never meet in my life,) Christopher Tock, Erina Zahara & Pat Lu, goes a really long way.

God willing, we all have made it great. From the organising committee, to the 1000 over people who made it, to the others who supported it.

Now that I am done going all Oprah on you, let’s watch the video.


“Zain, it’s ok babe. No matter what, you got my support.”
-Jennie Yang, before me & Pravin left for our first meeting with

Free hugs malaysia: legal concern

February 1, 2008

“The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging. ”
-Warren Buffet

For the moment:
Luvstory-Sigur Rós & Mogwai

A few days ago I sent out an event invitation via Facebook for a Proposed Free Hugs session in Kuala Lumpur. The idea of the invitation is to properly gauge the support of the idea, clear legal issues (if any) and finally make it happen.

I have been receiving messages and this is my response to them. For the sake of understanding I will explain it in 3 different posts. Legal, religion and culture.

Should anyone feel I have not given an accurate response or that I am missing something out, please email me at To make clear, Free Hugs has nothing to do with the elections or any political parties.

First of all, I think it would suit to everyone’s interested and queries if we read the ‘Description’ box of this event invitation. I think, again, most of it will be answered and dealt with conveniently over there.

Hetish, Dzameer, Deni and Cressa brought up the concern which I think is also shared by many. Thank you for pointing it out. I would not be posting this if it wasn’t for the 4 of you.

Unlawful Assembly

I have yet to hear any express prohibition under Malaysian law prohibiting Free Hugs or something similar.

Under Malaysian law, 5 or more people gathering in public is an unlawful assembly. But not all laws are enforced and implemented in its literal interpretation. Thus, this particular law is enforced when the police/authorities deem it necessary. More often than not, due to political or public safety reasons.

If it is being literally interpreted, thus enforced, we would all be very much aware of that law and there would be no need for me to explain it to you here.

In the case of Ooi Kean Thong (and Siow Ai Wei), DBKL arrested them for allegedly hugging and kissing in public. Under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia (the most supreme law of the land), such matters/offences should fall under the authority of the Police (according List I and List II of Schedule Nine of the Constitution).

Not DBKL or Sting and the rest of the band. But the Federal Court ruled that DBKL does have the power.

  1. I don’t think it is appropriate for me to dig deeper in that case nor it is for us to speculate about what truly happen between Ooi and Siow, or how it was decided. That discussion belongs to another forum.
  2. Free hugs will be just hugging. :)
  3. Free hugs is hugging in a different nature completely. :)

For the sake of convenience, readability and understanding, I will write on the religion and culture issue in another post.