RandomAttire goes live

July 7, 2008

Heart Series by RandomAlphabets

On Tuesday, 8.7.8 RandomAttire, will go live. Urban fashion with a conscience, goes on sale.

There are two designs available. Only 180 pieces available per design. You will know what number is yours upon purchase. Whether its 38 of 180, 97 of 180, or 154 of 180. What you won’t see is, 183 of 180, OR another person owning the same number t-shirt as you. That, is our word. We mean it when we say, limited.

T-shirts are sold online at our Shop, at occasional bazaars and markets RA choose to participate in. From time to time, we will announce a certain location, date and time as to where we’ll be.

This Thursday night at 10pm, we will be at Moonshine which is at the Apartment, the Curve. If you’d like to meet us and purchase a t-shirt, email us prior the design and size you are interested in. We’ll bring the goodies and you meet us there. RandomAttire [at] RandomAlphabets [dot] com

20% of your thoughtful purchase will go to EcoKnights and PRIDE Foundation. They have enthusiastically participated in the Heart Series with us. T-shirts are sold at RM47 each.

Details on sizes here.