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July 20, 2008

“You’re a workaholic. And if you’re not careful, it’s something that will always be. xxx”

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The Ultimate (Live)- The Roots

*This post was originally written on 28 June.

RWP BookmarkIf you are visiting this website today, because you received the RWP bookmark, then you have made RA and it’s efforts happy. And a step closer to making RWP a success.

Read the main posting on RWP, that explains the whole project, here.

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*If you really support and believe in this project, then take those bookmarks, pass it to someone you know. Leave it on your colleagues desk, in your classmates pencil box or next to your relative’s jamban. Whatever. As long as it gets the message around and delivered. Baby steps.

*If you want some more bookmarks/cards, let us know. We’ll meet up and pass it to you. We distributed more than 750 at KLue Urbanscapes and will be printing more.

One of the main basis of RWP is that it carries the Pay It Forward approach. So what we have done is that to make bookmarks that look like this.

We ordered 1000 of it.

And decided that we should distributed in batches of 3 so that the recipient can share it to more than 1 person.

Last night it arrived at my house and I sat down alone for almost 4 full hours, wrapping 999 RWP bookmarks with 333 black rubber bands.

Multiplies of 3 will get you 333 batches with one extra odd card out. The blue dot on the W, is that extra 1.

Because I’m just that gatal, I decided to use more rubber bands to put everything together.

The quote above, was an sms from someone who knows me only too well. My first time being told so. Something I didn’t notice for myself. Something I needed to hear for myself.

Again, if you are visiting this website today, because you received the RWP bookmark, then you have made RA and it’s efforts happy. And a step closer to making RWP a success.

Thank you. :)

Klue university interview & singapore

April 29, 2008

“If the world needed one less stupid person, I’d shoot you.”
-Zain HD

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American Boy – Estelle f/ Kanye West

First of all, I am glad to say that the two previous posts made no mention of Freeze.

I am, to a certain extent, sick of talking about it. Especially here. I now will only make mention of it when a circumstance warrants me to. I miss posting about other things. You know, stuff like….Warna Kegemaran Saya. I have over 24 drafts saved in my hard disk on Windows Notepad waiting to be furnished and published.

Thursday till Sunday I will be in Singapore for a number of things, namely the Organising Committee meeting for The REAL Singapore Freeze. It will also be good time off from KL to spend valuable time with valuable people I know there. I receive word from the winds of change that my 21 month old nephew there has been crying blood because he misses his favourite super cool power gempakz uncle.

Sometime ago when I placed him in a laundry basket, long enough to make him cry and snap a fantastic shot

Tomorrow I have an interview tomorrow with KLue magazine thanks to Sarah Chan.

I saw her last Wednesday at the Heritage Mansion for the Cat Got Your Tongue party and thought of saying hello because I want to know more cool people and ditch my old friends but I didn’t. Not because I love my friends but because I shy and scared wait paiseh. However, somewhere in my subconscious hollow mind, I had a suspicion that I’ve seen her before someplace.

The following day, as fate had it, she messaged me on Facebook to request for an interview. After I went for 3 celebratory dinners I went on my own, I browsed through her FB pics, because I am keypoh like that and that helps me to become cool one day. There I saw a group pic of me and her in Port Dickson.

Sarah Chan KLue

In 2005, we worked together in Starbucks Carrefour Subang Jaya. The month she started was my last month there. The same month the employees of S029 outlet made a trip to PD. Sarah now works for KLue.

Besides that, 4 university students have asked questions or interviewed to write a piece for a course they’re doing. I am not sure if that’s a malas move or a creative initiative. Latter I hope. Nevertheless it’s brilliant to see something expand in ways you never thought it could. 2 other university students have also approached for an interview for a piece they want to pitch to the editor of their uni magazine.

Being the slut that I am, I attend to all of them.

Albeit, I sincerely hope more good will come of what happened that Sunday, and any other things in life. If hurt people hurt people, then I hope it works vice versa for good people.

Freeze free hugs photos

April 6, 2008

-Dr. Ross Gellar

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In The Black of Night – Slow Train Soul

Free Hugs at Tugu Negara

*Photos by Shazeea Banu. More from others to come.

Today was meant to be the largest Free Hugs in Malaysian history. Probably even beyond Malaysia. The thunder storm significantly affected the turn out. Nevertheless we went on. And a great time I had!

I thank Shazeea Banu, Jennie Yang (Arif), Hassan SGF, Nasir SHB, Jeremy Chin, Juana Jaafar, Pravin Pillai, Kuan Seng, Yi Sheng, Chak Onn, Maryam Samirah, Noura Talib, Mikey, Shobi, Iqbal, Amin Rahman, Prakash, Khad Lubis, Joshua Foong, Sham Mix FM, Malaysia(n): Travel Affairs, United Colours of Malaysia, the Sun Daily and the Star newspaper for your support, help and/or presence!

We’re not done yet.

Free Hugs at Tugu Negara Free Hugs at Tugu Negara Free Hugs at Tugu Negara


KL Freeze in Unison. 2.30pm. 13th April 2008.**


They did it in London. Also in New York City. And we’re doing it in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 3pm Sunday 13th April. (We will meet at 2.30pm at a location near our Freeze Point for time syncronization and a briefing. Exact location will be revealed on 11th April.)

Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.

Shazeea Banu Noura Talib Free Hugs at Tugu Negara