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April 27, 2010

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For United Colours of Malaysia group members only

March 13, 2009


I’m freelancing with Sunburst KL Music Festival now, and besides the obvious salary, I also got 4 Meet & Greet & 4 Official Sunburst KL 09 t-shirts. I don’t need them as I’ll be working that day. And I don’t want to simply give it to people I know who might not want or appreciate it as much. If you want it, locate the Sunburst roadshows. Find out where they will be at the home page of www.sunburstkl.com


When you find the booth at the roadshow, you must

  1. buy two tickets at 15% discount, and
  2. give them the code, which is ‘Zain is ugly‘.

I. Am. Serious. 2 tickets at 15% discount at the booth AND the code will get you 1 Meet & Greet pass OR an Official Sunburst t-shirt. I will not be at the booth and please, please do not message me about this. I want to pengsan with kerja and school.


Official Facebook event page for Sunburst : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=60527805377


- Zain HD

Emergency: A Multi-Arts Festival!

September 22, 2008

Emergency: A Multi-Arts Festival!


Five Arts Centre is proud to present,

Emergency: A Multi-Arts Festival!

The Annexe Gallery, Central Market 11am-7pm
Thursday October 16 – Sunday, October 26
Jalan Hang Kasturi Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
60377254858 fivearts@tm.net.my
Its page on Facebook + Official Site



Sebuah Darurat Dua Minggu is a multi-arts event. The project examines and re-presents ideas, narratives, and images from the first Malayan Emergency, from 1948 to 1960.

The festival follows the on-going and exciting emergence of documentary arts practices in Malaysia which is a curious blend of re-examination and re-presentation of historical data, events and ideology by contemporary artists.

Project participants include many of Malaysians’ dynamic creative talent such as Amir Muhammad, Azmyl Yunor, chi too, Chu Chu Yuan, Elaine Pedley, Fahmi Fadzil, Fahmi Reza, Grey Yeoh, Hardesh Singh, Hari Azizan, Jerome Kugan, Leow Puay Tin, Lim Chung Wei, Marion D’Cruz, Mark Teh, Mislina Mustaffa, Norman Teh, Wong Tay Sy, Yee I-Lann and many more.

The project will comprise theatre performances, film screenings, an exhibition, plus an exciting roll of different interactive presentations daily. All events are free except for the theatrical performances.



Events schedule below. Subject to change.
Exact dates and times for specific events TBC.




Exhibition – Thu 16 to Sun 26 Oct 2008, 11am to 5pm
Curated by Wong Tay Sy, Norman Teh and Grey Yeoh

“[T]he victor writes the history while the loser fades away….” Is that always true? Challenging this notion along with new ways of presenting history without being preachy, one-sided and linear, curators Wong Tay Sy, Grey Yeoh and Norman Teh explore the Malayan Emergency. The exhibition focuses on contextualising visual materials from the Malayan Emergency within our contemporary framework and offers an alternative and interactive approach to presenting history. A key element of this exhibition is the demonstration of the effect of the “presentation” of history. This effect of documentation is viewed from the perspective of the contemporary project collaborators and the interpretation of historical materials from the Emergency era.



Operasi Oktober

Thu 16 to Sun 19 Oct 2008, 8.30pm
Theatre Performance – Directed by Fahmi Fadzil

Fresh from winning “Best Group Performance” at the 6th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards, Fahmi Fadzil directs an improvised tale where “over a series of encounters, four people meet in anticipation of a revolution, but they don’t know that it has already begun.”


New Village People

Thu 21 to Sun 26 Oct 2008, 8.30pm
Theatre Performance – Directed by Hari Azizan

Hari Azizan, director of the much publicised “Vagina Monologues” brings us a story where “the lives of two good friends change forever when they are forced to leave everything behind by the British army and start afresh in a New Village during the Malayan Emergency.”



Revolusi ‘48

Mon 20 to Sun 26 Oct 2008, 8.30pm
Film Screening -Directed by Fahmi Reza

The sequel to Fahmi Reza’s highly successful “Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka”, “Revolusi ‘48″ follows the largely unknown armed revolution for national liberation launched against British colonial rule in Malaya 60 years ago. This documentary tells the untold story of those who struggled in the anti-colonial guerilla war of independence, during the Malayan Revolution of 1948.



Presentations, performance & participatory events

Re: Search Re: Source

Thu 16 to Sun 26 Oct 2008, event time varies
Curated by Mark Teh

Mark Teh continues his dissection of historical events (“Baling (membaling)”; “Dua, Tiga Dalang Berlari”) with an investigation and re-presentation of themes, issues and stories from the Malayan Emergency period. With participation from some of Malaysia’s foremost creative personalities, history is presented as an activity that can be creative and participatory.


Please refer to the forthcoming festival guide for time and date of presentations. These presentations include:

  • Filmmaker Imri Nasution will examines the parallel developments in studio-era Malay film industry and the Emergency.
  • Writer-filmmaker Amir Muhammad will provide alternative interpretations of films made during the Emergency.
  • Visual artist Chu Chu Yuan of 1948 Artspace will talk about the “Entry Points” art projects in the New Village community of Seri Kembangan, Serdang.
  • Visual artist Yee I-Lann will provide a fascinating perspective on the geography and history of Sabah before, during and after the Emergency.
  • Filmmaker-designer Fahmi Reza will present a 1-hour performance-lecture, every day throughout the Emergency Festival!
  • Dancer-choreographers Marion D’Cruz & Elaine Pedley will create a lecture-demonstration of Communist propaganda dances.
  • Playwright Leow Puay Tin will curate and perform a selection of texts about or from the year of Merdeka.
  • Singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor will rearrange songs from the Emergency era, as well as create new songs inspired by this time.
  • Poet-singer-songwriter Jerome Kugan will DJ two nights of “Disko Darurat”!
  • Composer-new media activist Hardesh Singh will create a sound installation using music, sounds & speeches collected from the Emergency era.




Malaysia fest darling harbour

August 29, 2008

Courtesy of Shaheera Djafar.

Malaysia Fest Darling Harbour

Malaysia Fest 2008 poised to impress

SYDNEY – One of Malaysia’s biggest events held annually at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour Sydney is once again poised to impress the public with its various cultural shows and a multitude of exotic food guaranteed to impress even the most discerning taste bud.

Known as M-Fest, the Malaysian Festival has been traditionally celebrated in Tumbalong Park, Darling harbour for the past 18 years. Through the years, the event has grown in its popularity and is known to the locals and tourists alike as an occasion filled with Malaysia’s splendid show of arts, cultures and magnificent food.

The festival will be held on Sunday, August 31st at Tumbalong Park, which coincides with Malaysia’s 51st Independence Day and would run from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Admission to the event is free and everyone is welcome.

The theme for 2008 M-Fest this year is aptly named “A Cultural Connection”. The theme represents and highlights the strong foundation of various interconnected cultures upon which the nation was built.

Taking pride of place is the array of Malaysian food which visitors would be able to sample, including staples such as satay, ‘teh tarik’ (whipped milk tea), and ‘roti canai’. Malaysian cuisine is a blend of various ethnic elements, such as the Malay-style ‘kampung’ cooking interspersed with aromatic Chinese and spicy Indian influences.

Visitors will also be entertained by various cultural shows, incorporating both traditional and contemporary Malaysian music and dance.

MFest is a wholly student-run event by enthusiastic Malaysian students from various local institutions such as the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney, and Macquarie University.

“We’re keen on displaying our resourcefulness,” remarked the Chief Executive Producer, Zurairi Abd Rahman. “We’ve proven that, despite being students, we’re capable of successfully organising an event of such massive scale as this and that’s something to be proud of. We have been very fortunate to receive great support from various Malaysian departments based here and other corporate organisations in making the event a truly remarkable showcase of Malaysian cultures. ”

Malaysia Fest is proudly brought to you by Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, Student Magazines and Student Services Direct.

Admission to the event is FREE, and further details may be obtained from www.malaysiafest.com.au

*Courtesy of Shaheera Djafar.

Campaigning RWP

July 23, 2008

Update: All 3 (Sharon Bakar, Dr. Farish Noor, & Jasmine Low) just gave the green light for me to speak for a few minutes to their audience about RWP at their respective events ( Readings @ Seksan, Book Launch, Doppelganger).

Below is me standing at the exit of Pecha Kucha Night by British Council at The Annexe Central Market, distributing RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks, the same day RA also did the Look Up More flashmob. I was ill the following day.RWPMe standing at the exit of Pecha Kucha at The Annexe Central Market, distributing RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks, the same day RA also did the Look Up More flashmob. I was ill the following day.

Today I registered for my Post Grad Diploma today. During the medical checkup, the conversation with my doctor got somewhat lively which ended up me passing her my card.

Within a second, she goes ‘you’re the RandomActs guy! We have a celebrity.’ I replied, ‘don’t be silly. I’m broke, exhausted and skinny and losing more weight as you can see.”

Inevitably, it led me to telling her about the Read while Waiting Project. (I already plan to have at least 10 Pay It Forward Bookmarks delivered to her office by this week.) It seems to be all I talk about. A collision of me wanting to, and having to.

I was telling Niki a few weeks ago about how ever since RWP was launched, I feel like

  • I’m a politician
  • Earth is my constituency
  • 6 billion on the electoral roll
  • Sole contestor
  • With no election at all

Rob! LogoLook Up MoreI’ve spoken to an audience about RWP and/or distributed its Pay It Forward Bookmarks at events I am affiliated with, as well as events I have nothing to do with. I scout for events to go to and seek the permission of the organisers to be allowed a few minutes with the audience to promote the project.

28 June Rob! flashmob at KLue Urbanscapes at KLPac
2 July Random Acts of Poetry at Dram Projects
12 July Look Up More flashmob at KLCC
12 July Pecha Kucha Night Volume 4 by British Council at The Annexe Central Market
18 July That Green Thing by YAWA & M.A.D.ness at Dram Projects
20 July Dead flashmob for LAMAN 2008 at Lake Gardens

26 July Readings July (“Stickyish”) @ Seksan
26 July Book Launch for “Di Balik Malaysia: Dari Majapahit ke Putrajaya” by Dr. Farish A. Noor
27July Doppelganger Openmic & Readings at Marketplace

*Not confirmed yet. Subject to their permission. If you’ve witnessed me talking about it before, then don’t waste time coming for that. Come for their event instead. I trust all three would be brilliant, let alone interesting. Precisely why I’ve approached them.

Download here: klx mp3 files

June 14, 2008

*Scroll down for links to download the files*

Because of a number of seriously unexpected electronical and technological glitches (and my incompetence of course), we have been receiving many emails about RandomAgents not getting the files that they should. We have decided to upload its links here.

Before that you must read:

  1. All RandomAgents will be emailed the location of the Starting Point at 1pm Saturday 14 June.
  2. The location will also be revealed here on this page, but only at 2 pm. Late comers, you must pay.
  3. Reminder: Do not bring any type of camera. KLX is participatory. We have assigned a group of photographers and videographers to do the job. KLX is not a circus and we don’t want clowns with their eyes focusing through an electronical lens. Only show up if you are wearing the proper dress and ready to participate and have fun!

Do not worry, the Starting Point is in KL and not far from public tranport’s reach. Conveniently accessible. :)

If you download Blue, you must wear a blue shirt, t-shirt, blouse, top, baby-t, polo-t, tank top etc. It must be blue. Any shade. As long as it is blue.

If you download Yellow, then wear yellow. If you download Red, then wear Red.

KLX Blue
1 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/E631DC0B4AAC5CF5
2 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/8D152BE34C218CA3
3 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/A61402247F9AE9A8
4 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/DA44C82E35869469
5 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/9A7EBDDD5F5548BD
6 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/7805EAFE5373147A

KLX Yellow
1 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/45EC564436E121DA
2 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/9CE113BC15BC4F58
3 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/A0789395471402B9
4 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/5AA90EC84D2E2ADB
5 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/854DCE0C7DD47A0E
6 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/FD3D8D11492702B4

1 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/E74445C70B91EFC1
2 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/6BB13F262E7C5388
3 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/D9093B073E21A8B3
4 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/F8816829565F00CF
5 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/86DC704B1013FAB8
6 of 6 https://download.yousendit.com/0AF9108E3D7E25E7

Freeze clicks

April 17, 2008

Since things are somewhat cluttered at the moment, please click your area of interest. If not, you could just scroll down to where the dinosaurs laid.

*KLFU is KL Freeze in Unison, FWED is Freeze For World Earth Day, RA is either RandomAlphabets.com or RandomActs, UCM is United Colours of Malaysia, WTVR is WhateveRRR.

**FWED is not a Flash Mob. That is not the nature, cause and/or objective of FWED. KLFU and others held around the world, may have been so. Not this one. Facebook: 1102 Attending, 1759 Maybe Attending, 11653 Awaiting Reply.

Kota Kinabalu, their own FWED.

Click here for time synchronisation.


Freeze For World Earth Day. 8pm. Sunday 20th April.


Simple guidelines for those coming to FWED

KLFU pictures from the official photographer

Frequently asked questions: freeze

Commentary pictures post KLFU

With pictures, thank you kl freeze in unison

Gathering Point for KL Freeze in Unison revealed!


Notice: RA mini makeover

February 12, 2008

*If you are reading this, or especially if you have been reading RA, then I am extending this invitation to you.

*I am asking because you have one way or the other supported it and I appreciate that. On top of that, on average there are more and more people visiting the site daily.


I, or more precisely one of the designers of randomalphabets.com wants to give it a small makeover. The 4 pics you see on the top most of RA, will no longer be idle. It’s gonna be changed to to Flash.

I already decided on 25 pictures. I want more. Each box will have a selection of many pictures. It will change to pictures every 2 seconds. It will be:

1. pictures that I’ve taken
2. pictures of people who read


The picture must be of you. Or of you with people you know. Preferably, those who are visitors of RA as well.

It can be you doing anything. As long as if someone who knows you, sees the picture and recognizes you.

You must be recognizable.

No captions, or names name will be displayed once it is up. Just pictures.



I prefer a picture that captures something. Life, a moment, an expression. Candid. Spontaneous. Anything. A picture does not have to be for the sake of taking it. I prefer that. Like the pictures I’ve included in this post already submitted to me, some of my favourites. Also keep in mind that like the site’s header, I will edit it to be square shape and most probably resized.

Pointer: This is not a ‘so 5 minutes ago’ place. I hate cliches. So please don’t send pictures of anyone pouting. Also, I’m not keen on shyness. Just send it. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. If you feel like sending it. Just send it.

I look forward to a positive response. Urgently. Seriously.

Email it to ratinamou@gmail.com