KL Freeze in Unison. 2.30pm. Sunday 13th April.

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*As of 11.01pm at 11th April: 884 Attending, 1582 Maybe Attending, 9142 Awaiting Reply.

KL Freeze in Unison

KL Freeze in Unison. 2.30pm. Sunday 13th April.
Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.


They did it in London. Also in New York City.

And we’re doing it in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

Organised by RandomAlphabets.com and 3 Facebook groups
1. United Colours of Malaysia – The 1+2 Campaign
2. Improv Malaysia
3. Malaysia(n): Travel Affairs


Freeze is a ‘mission’ introduced by Improv Everywhere. Those participating will go to a certain location (Freeze Point) and freeze for a few minutes. Just like in the youtube videos. That is all you do.

If you don’t understand that, then I hope you are not a registered voter.


We will meet at our Gathering Point 2.30pm (a location near our Freeze Point) for time syncronization and a quick briefing. Because this rooted from an international movement, you have to be punctual. Seriously.

Follow the time on this link. Time, to the second, is important. http://24timezones.com/world_directory/current_kuala_lumpur_time.php

Location for our Gathering Point will be revealed at 11pm on 11th April. It will be revealed on this event page, http://RandomAlphabets.com/ and private message only to those Attending and Maybe Attending.

It HAS to remain a secret till then. HAS to. Or all will fail and the Ring won’t make it to Mordor.

Don’t worry. It will be a place conveniently accessible by public transport. Bus, train, taxi and penyapu terbang.

KL Freeze in Unison


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