With pictures, thank you kl freeze in unison

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*I have started a new group on Facebook for future events. RandomActs.

*The Official KL Freeze in Unison video from the organising committee, compiled from at least 12 video cameras and 3 undercover microphones, will be uploaded as soon as possible. I imagine, no later than 20th April 2008.

*I regretfully apologise that the thumbnails/images uploaded in April are not working. This is because the programmer had installed a plugin so that you could view all the pictures conveniently. As a result, it has inconveniently affected pictures previously uploaded. Be patient while Basement Jaxx Remedy this matter. Meanwhile, I shall pour hot water RA‘s programmer’s fingers. You are welcome to join me.

Thank you for participating KL Freeze in Unison (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Gathering Point at 2.30pm Lot 10. Freeze Point at 3.35pm Pavillion.

I am not certain if they welcomed the surprise, but I also thank the management & security of Lot 10 & Pavillion.

Had I known that today was the Tamil new year, I would have selected a more convenient date. Either way,

Happy Tamil New Year.

Photos on this post are from Shazeea Banu, Izzat Fadzil & Keith Tang. Thank you for emailing them to Freeze@RandomAlphabets.com I will post more here in the near future. Keep sending them in.

At 1 pm the organising committee had a meeting at Secret Recipe across BB Plaza. I passed each member a brief which began with a paragraph that read,

First of all, I thank you all for actively participating in KL Freeze in Unison. I highly appreciate it. I will remember this for a long time, unless there’s a fckup. I’ll remember THAT even longer.

There was none. It all went splendidly well. To the 20++ individuals who volunteered, took instructions from me, Saddam HusZain, I take my hat and curly hair off to you.

Jennie Yang
Yi Xing
Badrul Hisham
Xumb Nayan*
Tengku Edzuan
Safriz Sidek*
Khairiah Makata
Kovini Devi Balan
Dzameer Dzulkifli*
Razlan Manjaji*
Pial Khadilla
Ili Fm
Abdul Rahman JND
Juana Jaafar
Diyana Shahrom
Rummel Sanusi
Maryam Shamsuddin
Jeremy Chin
Shazeea Banu

My right hand men:
Hassan SGF
Nasir SHB
Hashim RA
Munir SH

Special thanks to Intan Amalina** for helping out with the media coverage.

*Never met prior to the event
**Still have yet to meet


There were a number of public figures who participated in the Freeze. I stick to my policy of not mentioning your name, but I make an exception for Jazeman Jaafar who approached me to personally to shake my hand.

Now my right palm smells like Sepang. Horrible. It sucks.

And to the other strangers I shook hands with, I’ll know your name (3 girls and 2 guys at the staircase) when you become famous. I really appreciate that simple gesture and kind words.

Ultimately, I believe that God willing this happened. That’s my personal belief. So to the next tier…from the bottom of my left ventricle, which is the bottom of my heart, my love and gratitude flies out with wings (one from MAS & one from AirAsia), to all those who made it today.

Because WE made it. We ALL made it.


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