Keretapi Sarong 2013

Click on the poster to make it bigger. Share this on FB, email and tell the whole kampung. :)

Click on the poster to make it bigger. Share this on FB, email and tell the whole kampung. :)


Poster KS13 sq Character Keretapi Sarong

RUN SRG copy

3pm Saturday 23 February 2013

Kuala Lumpur + Inviting Other Cities Around the World. Location for Gathering Point, is secret (see below). It will be announced at 2pm on Wednesday 20 February.

ampang-line e

Update: Announcing the Gathering Point. Below  Titiwangsa LRT Station AND Pudu LRT Station on the Ampang Line.

If you are coming from the other LRT Lines, you can go change onto the Ampang Line at Hang Tuah, Titiwangsa and Masjid Jamek.

Click here for  FB event page for – Kuala LumpurLondonMelbourne - Washington DC - New York CityBostonMorgantown, Philadelphia, more? If your city would like to join, please email keretapisarong [at] randomalphabets [dot] com.

No Pants Subway – where people got on trains wearing everything but pants. Video.

Keretapi Sarong – where people got on trains wearing everything AND sarong. Official Video - Video 2 - Video 3.

Important: please click on the picture to make it bigger.

Important: please click on the picture to make it bigger.

2013 Submission : Please email us a picture of you in a sarong, with a piece of A4 paper, of you completing this sentence. ’My first sarong…’ complete it with your story. Don’t forget to bring this paper to the event on 23 February!

If you can design a poster and would like to make your own Keretapi Sarong 2013 poster. Just look at the details above and email it to us. Go for whatever concept you want. :)

We are looking for theme groups to be part of this – as long as you have a sarong on you. Come dressed in a kebaya style, shirt + white sarong, angkat baby sarong, baju melayu + sarong, football jersey + sarong, jedi sarong, cosplay + sarong, ninja sarong, suit + tie + sarong, . Anything! Send your suggestions to our email. :)

KS13 StarWars Meme

What is going to happen at Keretapi Sarong : firstly, we are all going to meet at the Gathering Point which is a secret for now. Secondly, at the Gathering Point everyone will receive information on what to go in the different groups, and finally we will all meet up again later at one place to close the event, take pictures and make friends.

Wago logo

Wago is a company formed by the volunteers of RA, a year and a half after RA’s first project in April 2008. Both of them work closely together till today, including for Keretapi Sarong. Click here to see Wago’s activities.

*Pics from Keretapi Sarong 2012 - click here and see below:


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  1. ururu5 says:

    where will you be announcing the ‘Secret’ Gathering Point? here?

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