Projects of RA are handled by RandomActs. Most of our projects are open to anyone and everyone to participate. Inivitations and notifications for our projects are normally on the Home page or Facebook.

Our projects are flashmob and non-flashmob style.

Usually, there is an element of surprise. For example, location of a particular project could at a time only made known 4 hours beforehand.

Previous Projects:
6th April, Free Hugs at Tugu Negara with United Colours of Malaysia & Malaysia(n): Travel Affairs.

13th April, KL Freeze in Unison at Lot 10 & Pavillion with United Colours of Malaysia & Improv Malaysia.

20th April, Freeze For World Earth Day at Sunway Pyramid with, United Colours of Malaysia.

14th June, KLX (The MP3 Experiment) at KL Sentral and then to KLCC.
Upcoming Projects:
28th June, ROB! at [location to be revealed on 25th June]

23rd August, RWP at [location to be revealed later]