+In the packaging (a brown recycled paper bag) of each t-shirt made by RA, will include an A6 size brown recycled paper, explaining to the t-shirt owner about the product. Below is a sample.+

A6 SPCA JPEG Front Back RA+D


As RA is not comfortable with the idea of seeking mere donations, we created RandomAttire. This arm of RA is meant to assist us to fund our projects and operations, among other things.

Projects by RandomActs are all free for anyone and everyone to participate.  This costs money. Sometimes a lot of it. We’re not complaining because it’s all been fun and great. Really. Our insistance on keeping it free for you to particpate,  only means that we’ve to be resourceful for funding.

We (us+you) would like to keep going, be more creative and adventurous for upcoming projects. You have supported us greatly so far, and we look forward for you to extend that support at our Shop.

Our third and fourth t-shirts, are part of the RA+d collaboration. Previously, our t-shirts retailed somewhat expensively as 20% of the purchase price went to two charities/organisations. In trying to significantly reduce the retail price of the new t-shirts, RA came up with a method to do just that, while remaining consistent with the concept of supporting other charities/organisation. We got Delicious to be in on it. :)

Delicious Group Logo

For every t-shirt you buy, Delicious pledges to contribute RM5 to the two non-profits we selected, thus creating an almost parallel relationship between you with RA, and the non-profits with Delicious. The two non-profits are SPCA Selangor and the Federal Territory Amateur Gymnastics Association Kuala Lumpur (FTAGA).

RA+D Both Designs

SPCA Selangor receives more than 700 unwanted, homeless or abused animals every month. It provides an adoption program, investigation of cruelty reports, humane education, assistance to community animal caregivers and run a dedicated, low-cost spay/ neuter clinic.

FTAGA consists of mainly girls aged, between 4-20 years old. A high percentage of the Malaysian gymnastics national team come from the pool of members from this Association. When we saw how (very) diligently and tough these little girls had to train as a budding professional athlete at such a young age, RA+d is the least we could do.


+In the packaging (a brown recycled paper bag) of each t-shirt made by RA, will include an A6 size brown recycled paper, explaining to the t-shirt owner about the product. Above is a sample.+


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Pic by Khalil Makata - Copy

+What you are about to read below, was for our first t-shirt project+

Heart Series by RandomAlphabets


The first of its production, the Heart Series. Buy it here at our Shop.

White t-shirts. 2 designs. 180 pieces per design. Each piece numbered. Not pretentiously stamped on the t-shirt, but sincerely marked on the packaging.

When we say Limited, we mean limited. If ‘You own 42 of 180′, then no one else can own 42, or 181 for that matter. RM47 each. On sale now.


For the designs, we have established strategic alliances with PRIDE Foundation and EcoKnights to support their causes. 20% (RM9.40) of our profits will go to the two organisations. RA also plays a role in promoting and advocating their causes on top of expanding the awareness to a wider demographic.


Each t-shirt comes with a set of Tags and Info Sticker that seals the packaging together. Refer to images.

Jason Mraz Pink I heart KL t-shirt. I love KL. ILKL


T-shirt WrapperEcoKnights T-shirt WrapperPRIDE T-shirt Wrapper