RWP Aug 2008

Read while Waiting Project was quite clear and specific, as the name suggests. All we wanted was for people to read when why waited. We felt it was easier to eventually get more people to pick up the reading habit, if we only pushed for baby steps, and let them decide what’s next on their own.

Make is easy, by not telling them to go for a book, spend money to buy it, allocate time to read it, discipline to finish it, etc.

RWP suggested that you can go for any form of literature you want, at any time and place convenient for you, by highlighting places like a queue in the bank or post office.

The idea started with just a flashmob but grew to something far bigger, and a long one indeed! 8 weeks of work. We did:

a flashmob to promote it (LUM/Look Up More)

another flashmob to close it

6,000 pay-it-forward bookmarks

various speaking engagements

4 youtube videos


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