Zain HD/RWP featured on Pop TV

Dr. Farish Noor, Ida Nerina, Sharifah Aryana & Aleysha, Prem & Jules, Joyce Kinky Blue Fairy, Su Ann Lim Pink Pau, Sazzy Falak, Sharon Bakar, Fahmi Fadzil, Emmett Butterfingers, Shaz Mukthar, Chef Ismail, Jazeman Jaafar, Altimet, Niki Cheong & Michelle Gunaselan

RWP & Zain HD was featured in the 7 minute per-episode The Fairly Current Show by Pop TV.

We sincerely hope that all the name dropping, and of course the support of these personalities by helping out with the video, will assist the project in its reach. 🙂

The 2nd video for RWP will be uploaded by Friday night. Link to the first video here. The 2nd video, will include various personalities that support RWP. They are,

Niki Cheong (The Star)
Altimet KOMY
Michelle Gunaselan (Project Malaysia)
Ida Nerina

Dr. Farish Noor (The Other Malaysia)
Farihin Abdul Fattah
Jules & Prem (Fly FM)
Joyce Wong @ Kinky Blue Fairy
Su Ann Lim @ Pink Pau

Fahmi Fadzil
Sharon Bakar
Jazeman Jaafar
Chef Ismail (Rebung, Bangsar)

Emmett Roslan (Butterfingers)
Shaz Mukhtar (Xfresh FM)
Sharifah Aryana & Aleysha
and Sazzy Falak

RWP is one of RA’s pro bono projects. Support us by donning our t-shirts.

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