RA at capzooed with not frumpy and cake crumbs

CapzooedRAttire Green & PinkMap to Capsquare

This weekend, the Heart Series will be on sale at CAP.zoo-ED The Gathering of Woodstock Traders.

It will be at Cap Square. You can get there by car, bus, LRT, Monorail, taxi, Nimbus 2000-Smart-For-Two. Click here to find out how.

A t-shirt from the Heart Series cost RM47. Available in baby T and unisex cut. They are limited in number (180). Each t-shirt has a tracking number. Depending on the design you buy, 20% of your purchase will go to either EcoKnights or PRIDE Foundation.

A friend of RA, Not Frumpy will be selling it for us. Above are some of the stuff you would find at this trader’s shop.

Many thanks to Echo for this hookup.

On top of that, another friend of RA, Cake Crumbs, will be helping us distribute the RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks at their shop. Below are some of the stuff I hope to find at their establishment.

Many thanks to Juliana Hilton for this hookup.

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