Cheques to PRIDE & Eco Knights paid

Random Attire poster - Copy

Our first t-shirt project, was in support of raising funds and awareness for PRIDE Foundation and Eco Knights. It was also our first time trying to sell something to raise funds for ourselves, and also going into accounting in careful detail as we’re responsible for the money we’ve collected from the sales, later to be passed to these two wonderful organisations.

Pride Cheque Opp

Wonderful as without their participation and support, the t-shirts would have been just that. But their involvement gave it more meaning and with RA, we try to tie something good into everything that we do, as oppose to shooting blanks.

Pride Cheque

So to Adeline and her team at PRIDE Foundation, Yasmin and her team at Eco Knights thank you for trusting and believing in RA.

Eco Knights Cheque

Please note, this is the second cheque to Eco Knights. The first cheque is here.

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