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“There is so much nonsense spoken and written about art today that the average man is, naturally, inclined to be shy of the whole subject, and suspicious of those who practise the Arts. He thinks, if this mass of contradiction and confusing jargon is the result of the love of Art, he had better do without Art altogether. There is no mystery about Art, but there is mystification without end, evolved by certain critics who love to pose as superior persons. Such writers put forward the theory that enjoyment of fine arts is reserved for a select and exclusive minority, meaning of course, themselves and their disciples. No greater error could be propounded than this, which is a comparatively modern fallacy and one which is so dangerous that if persisted, it must in time bring into contempt everything and everyone connected with Art”

-From The World’s Greatest Paintings:Selected Masterpieces, published in 1934 edited by Professor T. Leman Hare.

“…something, in my opinion, is even more relevant today that it was in 1934.
-A Prison Diary:Heaven Volume 3 by Jeffrey Archer

For the moment:
Les Champs Elysees – Joe Dassin
Les Champs Elysees (Stephane Pompougnac Remix) – Clementine
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
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Niki Cheong KL Freeze in Unison The Star

*Thank you Sofia Hishamuddin for scanning the newspaper clipping & emailing it to

There have been so many things going on post-KL Freeze in Unison. We thought the only thing that was gonna come after Sunday was the Official KL Freeze in Unison video, which will be released on youtube no later that 20th April. (Next event already in the works.)

It appeared in the NST on Monday, on the Star on Tuesday, and again on the NST on Wednesday. Besides that, Malaysian Insider also covered the event and other monthly magazines which will have it in their next issue. Astro Awani, TV3 News and 8TV Quickie. Both Hitz FM & Fly FM have been in touch. Per capita, Malaysia has one of the highest number of bloggers in the world. Naturally, alot of buzz came from there too. So did the waiter at my regular mamak joint.

He placed my mee goreng on the table and froze there for 5 minutes. It was great! Because by the time he unFreezed, I finished my mee goreng and he took it away immediately.

Overall it’s been brilliant. The people who participated appreciate the support, coverage and calls for continuity. It’s great to see that there’s discussion about what happened and what’s going to happen next.

Teh Tarik can be kurang manis, or tak cukup manis. But consensus is there: Teh Tarik. 🙂

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In between the photographs contributed by Airi Johario, Vincent Ang, Gavin Garfield, Ian Eugene, Niki Cheong, Fariz Baburs and Azman Hizam, I will be inserting excerpts of what I said on the Wall of KL Freeze in Unison event page on Facebook. Elaborating, in my personal capacity, the postmortem.

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Sunday 11.20 pm
One of the main things that I tried to convey from this event was that we are all human beings and we are all the same in certain ways.

If you watch most of the videos online, all of them clapped and celebrated somewhat after it was done, despite trying to go on ‘as they were’.

As human beings, if you achieve something, naturally, you would want to celebrate one way or the other.

Also, lets not get caught up about how ‘it should be’ and how ‘it shouldn’t be’. On the same plane, no country in the world adopts the democracy or rock music as ‘it should.’ They all had their alterations and developments.

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Monday 12:21pm
When it comes to certain things, I strive for perfection. KL Freeze in Unison was one of them. I was even afraid that I might scare of the volunteers in the Organising Committee. I was right down to the detail and even a Plan B. And I’m not from an event management background.

A week prior to the event, I lost most of my appetite, spent an immense amount of time with the computer and lost many hours of sleep because my brain refused to stop trotting. If I woke at night to go to the bathroom, high chance I can’t go back to sleep due to brain activity. Now I’ve gone all Oprah on you. Haha.

So I’ll say this, something I knew before Sunday, there’s only a number of things we can be in control of. And even that it is to a certain degree.

The teh tarik could be seen as kurang manis, or tak cukup manis.

I am not asking anyone to discuss anything, or not to discuss anything. But try seeing it from a broader angle, and then from a few other angles that your mind allows you to explore. 🙂

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Monday 1.52pm
Thank you all. The Organising Committee really appreciates that.

At the same time, while I recognise that most present were Malaysians, the scope was beyond that. It was for human beings. I did this primarily because I have been observing for a while now, that a significant number of Malaysians are under the impression that problems and virtues in Malaysia only exist in Malaysia.

It is to point out that we’re human beings and ultimately we’re all the same. Equally knowledgable, equally ignorant.

Whether this message was delivered clearly, or at all, is not really within our control. I am satisfied with an initiated attempt.

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