Drop the zng

“I shall try to tell the truth, but the result will be fiction.”
– Katherine Porter

For the moment:
Kunze Kwadoka – Oliver Mtukudzi*

*This song, makes a person happy. Too bad the link I found is not the full version.

MPV TrashNote: ofor the purpose of conveying this story, I find that there is no need to indicate the background, age, race or religion of The Lady. I consciously leave out whatever that fuels a subconscious prejudice.

There is nothing more fulfilling, then being a malicious virtuous person. You get to be good, and mean at the same time. Perhaps it is not being described aptly. But here’s what happened.

I parked and saw this lady on the other side, with her Naza Ria MPV. With her rear door open, she was bending over from outside with her body inside, cleaning the car. She was fishing for plastic cups, bottles and pieces of paper. Stuff like that. Nearby, I saw a 10% full 500ml Coca-cola bottle and an orange plastic bag. I’m not sure if she is a relative to those two objects.

She found a disposable plastic container (palm size) and flicks it out of her car without looking. Clearly, that was her way of disposing the disposable. I immediately went,


From her dressing, one could tell that she’s not with the In Crowd. But even if you’re not, you must be aware of this pretentious going green fab clouding our self rightous lives. Embrace the fab, at least.

So I pick up the plasticontainer, and say ‘excuse me‘ with a wide, kind, and I wanna slap your face smile. She turns around shocked, unexpected to see someone behind her.

You dropped this.

When I left, her car was gone. And so was the plastic bag and Coca-cola bottle.

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    I love this.

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