Examples of snapshots for rwwp

This morning I woke up to see 3 emails contaning photos, regarding this post.

There I realise that perhaps the brief was not very clear and precise enough. My mistake. I have updated it. Please have a look again.

Below are the pictures I received from Zarith Sofia, Phoon Khai Meng and Haikal Shahruddin. I have mainly cropped and resized their files. It is not the best of examples, but I like them. They are all mostly brilliant. But ultimately, it must suit the need of the project.

I have posted it here as an example for you, should you be interested to send in your pictures.

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  1. This one was actually huge. In filesize and in actual size. I cropped it big time. This is what RWWP needs. But preferably the person doing nothing. By ZS.

  2. Simple and authentic. By KM.

  3. Brilliant. But again, preferably, her doing nothing. But that does not mean, she has to look out the window gazing into something out there appearing artistic or intelligent. No. It’s not about that. Save the acting for someplace else. Maybe another project. By KM.

  4. This is brilliant. But its more about photography that it is about the subject. Cropped version. By HZ, and so are the rest that follows.

  5. I like this one. Hits the subjects spot on. You can see that their doing nothing particular but waiting. Except for the whole colour (dis)figuration. Lets stick to simple natural real life colours. Reason being is that if alot of pics are going to be gathered and theres too many kinds of filters/colours, it won’t gel well.

  6. This is nice. Shows movement. An element I didn’t previously think of. But prefer if its not in black/white or greyscale.

  7. Amazing. See how many subjects are there ‘doing nothing’. All in just one frame.

  8. Cantik man.

  9. Same same. Great platform shot. Would love to have a shot like this in normal colour version.

  10. Nice.

  11. Nice faraway shot. Or whatever they call it. Captures the whole jinbeng.


Comments above are not solely regarding the pictures, but it with regards to the needs of the project. So most importantly, thank you Zarith, Khai Meng and Haikal for your prompt submission. I look forward to seeing more from you. 🙂

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