Glee Flashmob Dance KL Coming Soon

+Its done! See the video here from The Star. We’ll be uploading another one soooonnnn….+

Checkkkkk ittttttt outtttttttt. Now you peoplessss know what we’ve been up to after KL Chapter World Pillow Fight Day 2010.

Okay so keep a look out yea. We will be launching sooonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

GFM web mock

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4 Responses to Glee Flashmob Dance KL Coming Soon

  1. ricky says:

    This is so awesome!! i wish this could happen in jb as il give full support..cant travel to kl cse of work..sigh, anyways good job!! make sure make it real!!

  2. Nikki TAi says:

    Wonder if RA is interested to co-host another GLeek event in November this year?

  3. Evie says:

    Hi, I just wanna say that it’s great that malaysia finally has events like this.. It’s a very big change for the 21st century =)

    i’ve seen videos of events like these in other countries and i’ve realized that they make it seem as though the dancers’ or “agents” (as what they call it in the U.S.) are random strangers. They come into the scene seperately and leaves seperately.. =) I wonder whether it’s the case as the ones in malaysia?

    but i still wanna say Good Job RA! ^^

  4. Knife Sets says:

    i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty *~:

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