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“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
-Duke Ellington

For the moment:
Bahia – Angelique Kidjo
Mazuzu – Mahotella Queens



A few weeks ago, RandomActs promised another project. We’ve selected the time, place and what project it will be (of course). Now deciding on the specific date and polishing the mechanics of the whole project. It is far more complicated than (the over prostituted word) Fr**z*. (Fr**z*-> to illustrate how exhausted I am talking about it. It’s brilliant to reminisce, but at the same time I’d like us all to look forward.)

Few days ago the team went on site to do research and plan it out. For almost 2 hours, we argued and bickered. The final straw came when two random Alphabets were murdered. After the funeral, Saddam HusZain spat on their graves and broke his spectacles for dramatic effect to win an Oscar thus concluding our outing with no conclusion.

Now he can’t see sh*t and I am typing this out on his behalf, while he’s lying on the bed gazing into the bedside lamp asking me why is the constellation so huge tonight? He’s going to make a new pair of spectacles when there’s a windfall. I asked him when is that, he said

it might rain tomorrow. Hopefully we get more than a breeze.

Ladies and gents, this is ‘what’ I have to work with.



*If you’re not familiar with that lingo, it’s basically just telling you the the next project is very much so in the works and going splendidly well. Really. 🙂
*If you are interested to participate, join the group RandomActs and/or be a friend of RandomActs.
*If you have a video camera and have a good video eye, then email RandomActs@RandomAlphabets.com. If your eyes can’t read that long email address, then go make friends with Zain and take him away from here.

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