randomKLX starting point revealed

RandomActs: clean random fun. 🙂

This email contain 2 important information. Please read them carefully to avoid embarrassing yourself.

1. Location.
2. Surprise instruction.
1. KL Sentral Concourse. KLX only refers to 1 clock.

Next to McDonalds, there is a Maybank ATM. Next to the ATM, there is a clock. That is our clock. Gather anywhere near this clock, not necessarily infront of it. As long as you can see the time so that you can press Play at exactly 5pm.

Do not loiter or crowd the clock area at KL Sentral too early. Just be there 2 minutes beforehand.

2. Buy a Putra LRT ticket to Kelana Jaya. We may or may not go there. 😉
Make sure you buy it BEFORE 5pm. If you don’t, you will be left behind.

Remember, when the clock says 5pm, 0minutes and 0seconds, you press Play.

Do not bring any type of camera. KLX is participatory. We have assigned a group of photographers and videographers to do the job. KLX is not a circus and we don’t want clowns with their eyes focusing through an electronical lens. Only show up if you are wearing the proper dress and ready to participate and have fun!

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