New RA t-shirt

Random Attire Blue Gymnast

Concept by Zain HD. Artwork by Germ.


This new design, is  going to be in support of young female athletes in the gymnastics arena*. Keeping in mind that, often, they represent the country at a very young age. We are in discussion with a few suitable organisations now to decide which is most apt for this project.

*This direction is not definite, but it will be around that realm.

Realistically, it will be ready in a few months. If you are interested, email Shop [at] RandomAlphabets [dot] com and tell us your size. That’s all. No money deposit. No additional info. When the t-shirts are ready, we’ll notify you. The price, will most probably be different as well, not RM47.


PS. Our Green/Eco Knights and Pink/PRIDE Foundation t-shirts are almost sold out. Only Pink Baby T’s left. For Green, even less. Though there’s both Baby T and Unisex ones left.

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