Nobody makes love in a club

National Geographic“In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.”
The Godfather

For the moment:
Love In This Club – Usher

I’m sorry. But if you want to ‘make love’ in a club, especially in the way you put it, it’s not called making love. It’s called fcking.

In fact, I’m not sorry. I do apologise for being crude. But this must be said because eventually the phrase ‘make love’ could be distorted and carry a different connotation.

For example: a man tells his spouse, “I want to make love to you“, and she might just go

You selfish animal. I want to have sex. Not make love! You think I’m cheap is it? Hah?

Kau binatang!

Inside he goes, ‘shit! Did I miscalculate her period cycle again? Damn it I HATE hiphop!


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