Fake Water Gun Fight 2011

This was the first closed project we’ve done. Meaning, there was an open invitation at the beginning, and we all prepared during the numerous meetings, then execute it. On the day of execution, we didn’t tell anyone or invite anyone. Only those who were part of putting the project together, were there. 40+ of us.

This is the kind of project, similar to Hide & Seek (Nov 2010), except its intention for an online audience was greater, and the intention for an on-ground live audience, was almost none. It was all in view to produce the video. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

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Hide & Seek 2010

In late 2010 we were contacted by Unicef’s office in Malaysia to help them promote an upcoming campaign against child abuse. We came up with an idea, to play Hide & Seek in a visibly open public space. For pictures, click here.

Everyone was told to ‘hide’ under their own colourful blanket at 2nd Floor of One Utama shopping centre, and make a big smile while at it. We shot a video of all that was happening.

We wanted to do something that made people want to turn up for the event, and convey our message through the invitations (above is a screenshot of the microsite built), as well as in the video (below) that we produced, using the angle, ‘not everyone hides for fun.’

Thank you Unicef for the partnership (click here for press release) and will done to all the volunteers and participants!

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Not sure how in the you were but the team was doing PARAMKL last fasting month, early August till early September 2010. We were in BFM radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do a cross-over report from whichever PARAM (Pasar Ramadhan) we were at. Currently working on a video to summarize the whole project, but in short it was very interested as for this one, we almost did not have any on-ground events (except us going to the PARAMs). The whole project was online. Many thanks to BFM and all the media who helped us covered it. And finally of course thanks to all the food stall vendors and you supportive people!

Check out the portal here.

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Glee Flashmob Dance 2010

This was a crazy project. Not just because it happened too fast, but also because too many people turned up.

From the day we thought of doing the project, to the day it took place, 20 days total. During which, we had to design a poster, build a mircosite (click here), doing video tutorials, organize rehearsals, choreograph the dance and sort out the musical arrangement.

Thank you to Star World for coming on board to join us in doing this. Their support to help us have a place to rehearse as well as a place to do the flashmob, made it much easier.

Not to mention the various initial and incidental volunteers who helped out where they can. It was not easy for a bunch of non-dancers trying to manage a hall full of non-dancers!

An initial calculation that 300 would come, compelled us to allocate 350 allocation numbers and sections for the dance location. Little did we know 500 over would turn up in good spirits.

We rehearsed mostly, including final day rehearsal, at Gardens Ballroom, then told everyone we’re heading to MidValley Megamall and at the last minute the coordinators ushered them back to Gardens Shopping Mall to everyone’s surprise.

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Video: World Pillow Fight Day 2010 – KL Chapter

Pillow Fight 2010 KL Chapter

Pillow Fight 2010 KL Chapter

On Saturday April 3rd 2010, there were massive pillow fights in cities around the world and this the KL Chapter. The official video for the World Pillow Fight Day that was held in 1Utama shopping centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; brought to you by Random Alphabets.
KL Pillow Fight 2010 was self-funded. All costs was either raised by RA t-shirt sales or from the pocket of the organizers.

This was quite fun indeed. It was our second time organizing this and we decided to add in a few things. Such as, at the Gathering Point, at the Lower Ground level of One Utama, we split everyone into teams. Gave them a piece of cloth as a bandana, some face paint and name tags! Then we split them up by moving towards the fight point, one by one, different route each, where they met up again at the Fight Point, which was the rooftop of OneUtama. Find pictures of this at the RandomAlphabets FB page. πŸ™‚

World Pillow Fight Day: KL Chapter 2010 from RandomAlphabets on Vimeo.

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Glee Flashmob Dance KL Coming Soon

+Its done! See the video here from The Star. We’ll be uploading another one soooonnnn….+


Checkkkkk ittttttt outtttttttt. Now you peoplessss know what we’ve been up to after KL Chapter World Pillow Fight Day 2010.

Okay so keep a look out yea. We will be launching sooonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

GFM web mock

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