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DanielZain.comOn Monday 28 July I spoke at one of MPF‘s talks at the KGPA (opposite Eastin Hotel) which was open for anyone and everyone. I thought I couldn’t make it on time but I gave it shot and did. Don’t have pictures from there. The response was brilliant and I have Azra Banu to thank for that slot.

Keeping in mind that just a day and 2 days prior (Saturday 26 & Sunday 27), I spoke at three diff events (Readings @ Seksan, Farish Noor’s Book Launch & Doppelganger). That three day stretch was brilliant for RWP, and/but exhausting for me.

The RWP video was meant to be played at the UKEC’s Second MSLS (2 & 3 August). They had already been helpful enough to arrange for two RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks to be in each of their 600 ‘goodie bags’.

When I finally got the time to make it to the Summit at lunch on Sunday, I was told that the sound for the video was ‘distorted’. Chris Tock was there and we both suggested the same thing thinking we were talking about two different things.

Play the video on mute, and I to go on stage and ‘do’ the audio as the video is being played. As I got on the rostrum on stage, people were leaving for tea break, and remarkably, they all stopped in their path to give me the few minutes I asked for. even saw Jacqueline Ann Surin (who was also at Farish’s book launch), somewhat sitting on the floor in front of the rostrum to get a good angle for the photo on the left.

As for RWP at MSLS, it went super. Impactful.

For this, I have Amanda Sabri, Alia Ishak, Shahril Hamdan, Chris Tock & (especially) Alia Sidek to thank.

After I got off the stage, I met a number of people who were interested about the project. One, was Tasnim Abdul Hadi who was rather annoyed that she would be tied up with a debate competition on 23rd August. I explained to her that RWP is not just about that day and she asked if there’s any other way she could help/participate.

Few hours ago, I had a rendezvou with Tasnim. She asked for 400 of the RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks to distribute it to places and people she know and don’t know. Brilliant.

I’m no Donald Trump going around hiring people, but these are the kind of individuals I look forward working with. Tock Yap

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