Pictures from Rob!

Adrian Yap KLue UrbanscapesOur victim for Rob! was Adrian Yap. He’s the publisher and/or chief editor and/or boss of KLue magazine. πŸ™‚

Late May: RA at KLue magazine for an interview (which will appear in their July issue) by Sarah Chan. As we were leaving, Didi asked us if we could do a flashmob for Urbanscapes.

Early June: Another meeeting. This time with Didi, Darren and Valene. RA proposed about 6 ideas and they picked Rob!

Mid June: RA sent out invitations for Rob! via and Facebook.

After that Early June meeting, we had to decide what random name to use because we didn’t want to call out ‘Rob!’. After brainstorming in deep thought (for 15 seconds!), our side blurted,

why don’t you saboh your boss Adrian Yap?

And we saw 3 wide smiles.

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All pictures courtesy of Niki Cheong. Also thanks to Wei Nye, Kay Margera and Zam Nayan for helping out.

A photographer and videographer was meant to follow Adrian throughout the whole flashmob. However shortly before we started he disappeared. We later receive word from our collaborator, Valene from KLue (subordinate of the victim himself), that he was indeed in hiding.

In fact, he sent an sms to her saying something along the lines of “you think I’m stupid is it?!”

Nevertheless, that said we still did achieve the desired effect of a flashmob. Although later (or even by now) a bulk of the spectators knew it was a setup. But after all, it was KLue Urbanscapes. The crowd is somewhat familiar with the notion of flashmob. πŸ™‚

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We overheard people saying,

Ey, who is this Adrian Yap?

Eh this Adrian Yap owe people money or what?!

Is he someone’s ‘tau khei’ (anak buah gangster-as Wei Nye translates for me)

Hmmm. Is this somesort of a game? Where is Adrian?

These are the RandomAlphabets people I think.


I don’t know who he is but I’ll join in. Adrian!!!!

Below is the video RA did for Rob!

*Join our next flashmob, LUM : Look Up More. Below is the invitational video.

*We also distributed more than 750 of the Pay It Forward Bookmarks for RWP. πŸ™‚

RWP Bookmark

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