Pictures from that green thing 18 July

That Green Thing was brilliant. Kudos to YAWA & MADness for putting it together.

RA made alot of new friends. From Obon & Arkedekami, to the various wonderful individuals. Not forgetting those who bought RandomAttire goodies as well as those who took more than a few RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks when it was freely distributed.


Good stuff from the performers:

  • Tharish & Dima
  • For Lack of a Better Name
  • Wanie
  • Rendra Zawawi
  • Scenic
  • The Overtones
  • Ana Rafalli & Band
  • 3 Budak PJ

*Left click on the images to see it screen size. Right click on it and then click Open Link in New Tab, or Open Link in New Window to see it actual size. Click Slideshow to see a slideshow.

Pictures by Zain HD, Hana Abu Bakar & Anfaal Ridhuan. These pictures are also on Facebook.

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1-5 Beginning of the night.
6 Zain HD
7 Tharish & Dima
8 For Lack of a Better Name
9 Obon, & Arkedekami booth
10 RA goodies bought by Anfaal Ridhuan
13-16 The crowd & Rendra Zawawi
17 Intermission
18 Mystery shopper
20 Scenic interactive video & sound performance
21 The Overtones
22 Ana Rafalli & Band
23 & 24 MC of the night, Zain HD plugging RA’s main project of the moment, RWP
25-27 The crowd & 3 Budak PJ
30 A badge made by Arkedekami for RA. 🙂
31 Cam master Hana
32 Part of the Organising Committee
33 The End

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