Rob! location revealed

RandomActs We will sms you the name of our victim by 4pm. If you have not emailed us your number, then you won’t be receiving that sms.

RandomActs [at] RandomAlphabets [dot] com

If you have trouble understanding how Rob! works, or we have not explained it well (because it usually is our fault anyway), click here and scroll down to read the FAQ.

This is how it works:

+ Pre-Rob! Time: 4.45pm. Location: Wherever our victim is.
We’ll arrange for a videographer (VG) and 2 photographers (PG) to locate our victim and follow him/her to capture his/her reaction before, during and after.

+ Phase A. Time: 5pm. Location: Marketplace.
RandomAgents go around everywhere asking strangers at the event to build the buzz. For example
‘Excuse me, have you seen Rob?’
‘Hey, where is Rob?’
‘This anneh looks like Lingam, talks like Lingam. But it’s not Lingam. You got see him not?’
‘Eh Leng Chai, don’t lansi ah. You know where is Rob or not?’
‘Hai awak. Awak ade nampak Rob tak? Kita nie tengah carik dieee. Awak nie chumel la. Boleh berkenalan?’

+ Phase B. Time: 5.15pm. Location: Marketplace.
Start calling out Rob every few seconds. Imagine you are at a concert, you’re walking around looking for a friend. Look out into the crowd and call out for you friend. Do it like that.
‘Hey Rob!’
‘Rob I’m here!’
‘Where’s that 4 eyed Ca Cheng? Rob!’
‘Woi Rob. Ko kat mane nie? Kalau aku carik Mawi pun dah jumpe skarang ko to tak! Rob!’

+Phase C. Time: 5.30pm. Location: RandomAgents spread out to designated gathering points.
We will all gather at (at least) 3 gathering points and start calling out for Rob together, loudly.
‘Dei macha. Rob. Here lah!’
‘Over here Rob.’
‘Niamah! We’re here la Rob!’
‘Aku carik Ayah Pin pun kot dah jumpe skarang. Rob! Kat sini woi.’

+Phase D. Time: 5.32pm. Location: Marketplace.
We gradually stop. Disperse. Blend in the crowd.

Rob! Logo

Location for Rob!
Marketplace at KLue Urbanscapes
KL Performing Arts Centre

If your friends are going to Urbanscapes but not participating in this, don’t spoil the fun by telling them.

Henceforth, Rob! is a secret.

Remember, do not smile, laugh or giggle. Look how you would look if you were looking for someone who is missing.

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