RWP weekend with pictures

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I wrote a few days ago about the hectic weekend of campaining RWP. Below are pictures from all 3 events.

  • Thursday : I received confirmation from the 3 hosts that I’ve been given a spot to talk about RWP at their events.
  • Friday : Ezra (Farish’s publisher) calls and suggest to screen the RWP video at the Book Launch. He’ll sort out the projector if I can sort out the CD. Immediately made calls to 2 friends of RA when it comes to videos, Vini & Altimet. Got it sorted and met Farish & Ezra that night for the first time to pass them the CD.
  • Saturday : Woke up and went to 4 hours of lecture. Rush off to print the RWP ‘poster’, then to Bangsar for Readings @ Seksan. At 4.50 I spoke, and at 4.54 I was on the road rushing to Taman Tun for the Book Launch.
  • Sunday : Doppelganger at Marketplace. Brilliant. Love the concept of the open mic. Anything and everything.


Readings @ Seksan

Dr Siong Toong SiongRobert Raymeramir muhammad

  • Poster by Shahril Nizam. I came across his book once. His illustrations are quite nice. Looks nothing like the poster.
  • Dr. Shih Toong Siong. Old school. Said some pretty interesting things about his book.
  • Robert Raymer. I had trouble following what he was reading, with the mic probs and the roadwork noises. His book has gotten good reviews though. He also teaches Creative Writing in Sarawak.
  • Kathleen Choo of Poetry Underground. Catchy stuff she had. Sharon taking a picture of her.
  • Sharon Bakar (the MC), introduced this guy as ‘the revolutionary’. Since I’m writing it, to be fair, I’ll quote from what she said in her blog, “This is Zain who is trying to rope us all in to take part in his wacky Read While Waiting project. I have a feeling we might just succumb to his charm!
  • The brownies that I did not see. Apparently, someone placed it there and it was from Amir Muhammad.

Thanks Sharon for letting me speak at again, another one of your events. AND for telling me to keep it short this time. I think it’s better that way too. πŸ™‚


Book Launch : Di Balik Malaysia by Dr. Farish Noor

Guests watching the RWP videoDr. Farish A. NoorZaid Ibrahim

  • After the intro by the MC, I opened by talking briefly about RWP before the video screening.
  • The video screening. People watching. ( …. )
  • Dr. Farish A. Noor.
  • Zaid Ibrahim.
  • Some peoples checking outs the RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks.
  • Some more peoples checking outs the RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks.

I met a ton of people here and I thank them for the support. Besides the obvious, they were namely, Datin Suliana Shamsuddin, Jacqueline Ann Surin (, Jason (Editor Off The Edge), Malik Imtiaz, Juana Jaafar (Peace Malaysia), Carol (UNHCR), Daphne Lee (Dram Projects), Michelle Gunaselan.

Hope all this name dropping will nudge some of you readers to actually be part of this project, and not just talk about it. Seriously.


Doppelganger at Marketplace

Jaz Doppelganger

  • Madman speaking again.
  • Jaz, founder of the monthly Doppelganger and a superb host. On and off the stage.
  • RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks on the registration counter.
  • Registration counter.
  • Inside of Marketplace.
  • What came off Madonna’s chest. Refurbished, of course. πŸ™‚


Tomorrow (Monday) night, I might be speaking at a talk at KGPA. And in the midst of speaking with organisers of other events.

As Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world.

The change I want to see is to have more people reading while they wait.

And all this is what I’m doing to make that change.

It would be nice to see you do something. For anything.

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