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Frankfurt Airport


This post goes out mainly to the members of the group RandomActs. Because they’re fabulous. That’s right. Except unlike Sam Jones, instead of martini they go for teh tarik. And also because I know they can help. You can too if you’re interested. Wherever you are in the world right now. To understand better, read this post.

Open to all photographers (professional, semi-pro, amateur or virgin). From handphone cameras, to disposable ones, to super gempakz ones like what Adam King use.


Task: Take pictures of people at train stations.

  • Be it at the gates, platform or in the train itself. In and out of Malaysia.

  • Very young, young, kinda young and not so young people. Boboy or girlgirl.

  • As long as they’re human beings.


Picture Criteria: People waiting doing nothing.

  • Snap photos of people waiting for something. A companion. A train. A destination. Please don’t simply snap a frame of anyone or everyone. Only those you see who are standing, sitting, squatting idly waiting.

  • Angle can be from the side, diagonal, back, front, top, bottom (anything goes).

  • It is up to you whether or not it shows their face. Both would be good. I need both. When the photos are publicised, I will decide on whether there’s a need to blur their faces for respect of privacy.

  • Please do not do one of those SLR focus on a persons nose and blur the background shot. RWWP does not need a cheap trick pseudo cool shot. You can, but don’t get carried away till you’re gone with the wind.

  • Don’t get the whole place and leave the subject(a person) so small in it. The idea is not to capture the surrounding, but the person and his/her act (of waiting) in that surrounding. Examples here.


Submission: by Tuesday 20th May

  • Send a maximum 10 of your best shots. Email them to

  • Quality doesn’t have to be super high resolution 30 megapixel 2 megabyte per file picture. A size that is conveniently downloadable. A resolution not too great till I can count the bulu on their jari.


Thank you. Thank you all.

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