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Selamat Berparam 2013

RandomAlphabets is back with ParamKL 2013! In this latest edition, we’ve teamed up with the boys in red,, to expand our reach to TEN Params this year. We’re bringing tupperware to more and more people (about 2000 more by last count!)


Saya Mahu Picnic

A picnic that brought people together to soothe away the post poll blues. Many turned up in many colors, we sang, ate, and laughed together. A perfect Saturday we reckon!



Keretapi Sarong 2013

An event inspired by No Pants Subway, but you had instead to wear everything and a sarong to ride the LRT. Everyone was also encouraged to display “My first sarong story…” on a piece of paper to make it more interesting, get the buzz going and to relay to those around them the story of their first sarong.

We also had participation of folks from other cities such as Boston, Washington, Philadephia and Mansourah, Egypt.

KL Street Fighter

KL Street Fighter 2012

In December 2012, we decided to create a real life Street Fighter match when you could once again decide the outcomes of Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Hadouken…


tuppaware poster


A project that started off in 2010, grew in 2011 and turned green in 2012. This time around we decided that on top of facilitating the exchange of information on we would add on a green element. We distributed free tupperwares at selected Param’s in the Klang Valley.

We hope that albeit a small step, that this creates the awareness in the minds of people to be conscious of over-buying and to also recycle, reheat and reuse.


Keretapi Sarong 2012

The inaugural edition of KS where we took on the streets and trains by storm in our sarongs.




Pasar Ramadhan KL – We launched this project in 2010 and decided to keep it going in 2011, thankfully with the support from DIVA, the channel on Astro for supporting us as well as the many volunteers.

One of the things we did extra was to distribute free tuppawares at various PARAMs, car stickers, recycle mesh bags and more importantly contribute their reviews to

Glee Flashmob Dance @ Gardens, Midvalley, 2010

Part of a global unspoken initiative, with the support of RandomAlphabets and StarWorld, Wago organized a mass flashmobdance. 20 days was the timespan from the moment the idea was sparked, to theday of execution. Coordinating four rehearsal sessions at three differentlocations, the end result was over 500 participants.

KL Chapter World Pillow Fight Day @ 1 Utama, 2010
With over 75 cities and the following year 137 cities took part in this global initiative. The second time around, RA funded the whole project based on its t-shirt sales. Over 200 strangers showed up at a shopping mall with their weapon of choice, a pillow. They were escorted from the gathering point to the fightpoint where all feathers broke loose.

Tali Tenang @ Bangsar LRT, 2010
After the attacks on places of worship, a lot like minded Malaysians were looking for an outlet to display an opposite message. Over 250 people got together wearing white tops, carrying Malaysian flags and tying their own piece of string with the string of another stranger attendee.Together, they walked from Bangsar LRT station to Bangsar Sports Complex.

‘RA+d’ T-shirt project @ Delicious, 2009
In order to raise funds, while still keeping to its policy of not seeking donations, RandomAttire produced t-shirts. Purchase price would go to RA, and with each sale, Delicious restaurant pledges to contribute RM5 to either of the two charitable organizations involved in the 12 month project.

MTP Logo Web CleanMerdeka Train Party (MTP) @ KL Monorail, 2009
High school kids, college students and young adults got together and decorated all KL Monorail trains in operation that day.The effect was to surprise the common passenger come into a train expecting a normal ride. The message was, Happy Birthday Malaysia.

Corntoz Pillow Fight Kuala Lumpur

Corntoz Pillow Fight @ Cineleisure, 2009
In conjunction with World Pillow Fight Day 2009 where over 75 cities around took part, RA was organised the Kuala Lumpur Chapter. Members of the public were invited to bring their pillows and battled with strangers who at the beginning, middle and end traded smiles and laughter with each other.

logo11-150x150.png (150×150)Read while Waiting Project @ KL Sentral, 2008
Promoted on-ground and online for six weeks, RWP was an initiative that started in Kuala Lumpur, got picked up in eight other cities around the world. Its two main objectives were to get everyone to start culture pf reading whenever they waited and to promote non-readers to start reading in a simple non-imposing way.

lum2-150x150.jpg (150×150)Look Up More @ KLCC Park, 2008
Agents were planted on the 2nd & 4th floor of KLCC, facing the pond outside, holding a banner each that had an alphabet on it. Collectively, the banner said ‘Read while Waiting Project.’ People below were looking up wondering what was going on, while agents below distributed bookmark flyers about RWP. Agents inside left the building right before Security got really upset.

ROB! @ KLUE Urbanscapes, KL Pac, 2008
Our version was Adrian! Agents went around a festival asking everyone, pretending to look for Adrian. An actual person, Adrian (the festival’s Director), went into hiding quickly after discovering that his subordinates had collaborated with RA. Festival goers speculated endlessly about the gangster Adrian was, the small boy that got kidnapped, or the debt he owed an Ah Long.

KLX @ KL Sentral & KLCC, 2008
Also known as the MP3 Experiment. Participants downloaded a 30 minute mp3 music file, layed with random instructions of what to do. At the precise strike of a 5pm, participants at KL Sentral simultaneously played the mp3 and were led unknowingly by the organisers to KLCC.

Freeze for World Earth Day @ Sunway Pyramid, 2008
By invitation from,  we assisted them in organising Freeze for World Earth Day.



KL Freeze in Unison @ Lot 10 & Pavilion, 2008
Over 1,000 random people, stood frozen simultaneously in the middle of Pavilion, for four minutes. This project went on to receive wide publicity after national print and tv media picked it up. It is also often used as a social media case study in Malaysia.


FHFree Hugs @ Tugu Negara, 2008
Free Hugs is whereby someone or a group of (random) people hold a placards saying ‘Free Hugs’ inviting any member of the public to hug them. This was subconsciously and by default, RA’s first of many projects which doubled also as the beginning of RA.

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  1. Nandynii says:

    Hi guys, I was just looking at your projects and I find them quite interesting. May I suggest another one? Why not have a Why This Kolaveri Di flash mob? The song is quite a popular YouTube sensation, and these flash mobs have already occurred in several cities around the world including Sydney, Auckland and Chennai. Please do consider my proposal and let me know what you think.

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