Selamat berpuasa, selamat berbuka, selamat berPARAM

RA + PaRam + FriedChillies Foot NetworkRandomAlphabets is back with ParamKL 2013! In this latest edition, we’ve teamed up with the boys in red,, to expand our reach to TEN Params this year. We’re bringing tupperware to more and more people (about 2000 more by last count!)

So far we’ve been to Bangsar Telawi (where Marina Mahathir, Ella and Chef Wan gave us their thumbs-up) and Setiawangsa Param. We’ve been interviewed by Malaysia Tourism TV and Astro Awani, and handed out about 400 tupperwares to Param aficionados of all shapes, sizes and appetites. Check out the poster to see where we’ll be next, and come by and say hi!

We’ve stuck to our goal of reducing wastage of plastic bags and wastage of food at Params. With our new and improved compartmentalised tupperware sponsored by, we’re trying to make a difference in terms of how people treat plastic.

A RA tupperware is not just for Ramadhan, it’s for life!

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