Keretapi Sarong 2014 – Calling for Cities Around the World


This annual event is where people, anyone and everyone, come together on the public transport and wear sarong in any style they want. Modeled after No Pants Subway where they wore everything but pants, ours is where you put on everything AND a sarong!

**Announcement. Secret is out. Meeting points for #KeretapiSarong KL 3pm 26 April: Bangsar LRT & Dang Wangi LRT station. SPREAD THE WORD!**

To have an idea, check out RA’s YouTube and also Facebook for some pictures and videos from the last two years.

We’d like to invite you regardless of where you are to take part as well. Scroll down for the list of cities already on board.

If you’re interested to set up your local Keretapi Sarong chapter, then get in touch with us via FB. Here are some steps that you can begin taking already.

  1. Find some friends who’s as fun as you are who’ll want to take part.  There’s no minimum or maximum. Last year Mansourah, Egypt did it with about 6 awesome people.
  2. Plan a date, time and location you want this to take place. Keep in mind it need not necessarily be on a train (though that is preferable). We’ve got the Ohio contingent doing it on a bus.
  3. Let us know the details and we’ll create an Event for you on FB that you can Share with your friends and family.


Feel free to PM us here. We’ll help you make your local chapter happen! If you need sarongs, then let us know, we’ll try our level best to…maybe send you some?? 🙂 Apa lagi? Jom bersarong!


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Escalator Police: A Documentary On the Left Side

There are many things about our country that we complain about, and most of these things are out of our immediate control. But what about the things that are? Simple things like holding the door open for the person behind us, not littering in public areas, or even standing on the left while riding the escalator (so as not to obstruct walking traffic).

Whether or not you choose to dedicate your entire life to teaching these simple things, or just practising it whenever you can, is equally important in enacting a positive change within our country. That was what we were inspired to achieve through this video project while having a little fun with it. This ‘documentary’ was made to highlight some of the things we Malaysians are often ignorant of without being too overly PSA-ish.

It was a fun two day shoot in making this video project happen with the many people behind them. A big thank you to Rapid KL for allowing us to shoot the video at their numerous LRT stations and BAC College for allowing us into their classrooms. Not to forget the many hearts, hands and minds behind the production of Escalator Police – A Documentary On the Left Side.

Thanks for watching.

BE the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi
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Selamat berpuasa, selamat berbuka, selamat berPARAM

RA + PaRam + FriedChillies Foot NetworkRandomAlphabets is back with ParamKL 2013! In this latest edition, we’ve teamed up with the boys in red,, to expand our reach to TEN Params this year. We’re bringing tupperware to more and more people (about 2000 more by last count!)

So far we’ve been to Bangsar Telawi (where Marina Mahathir, Ella and Chef Wan gave us their thumbs-up) and Setiawangsa Param. We’ve been interviewed by Malaysia Tourism TV and Astro Awani, and handed out about 400 tupperwares to Param aficionados of all shapes, sizes and appetites. Check out the poster to see where we’ll be next, and come by and say hi!

We’ve stuck to our goal of reducing wastage of plastic bags and wastage of food at Params. With our new and improved compartmentalised tupperware sponsored by, we’re trying to make a difference in terms of how people treat plastic.

A RA tupperware is not just for Ramadhan, it’s for life!

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Saya Mahu Picnic


Masa untuk bersama dengan keluarga Malaysia. If you want-lah, jemput datang! Ajak keluarga, best friend dengan jiran sekali!

  • Wear flag colours! White, red, yellow or blue.
  • Jangan lupa bawa bendera Malaysia.
  • Kertas A4 and a pen untuk tulis kata-kata anda.
  • Food, drinks, tikar, payung, bola, layang-layang, gitar..dan lain-lain. 🙂

***Event is over. Click here to see pictures!!! ***

malaysian flag

#SayaMahuPicnic FB event page click here. No registration. No fees. Just be there with your fellow Malaysians!

9am-11am, Sabtu 11 May 2013. Location : Lake Garden, KL. Lookout for the big Malaysian flags!


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Keretapi Sarong 2013 – Pics & Video


An event inspired by No Pants Subway, but you had instead to wear everything and a sarong to ride the LRT. Everyone was also encouraged to display “My first sarong story…” on a piece of paper to make it more interesting, get the buzz going and to relay to those around them the story of their first sarong. Now into its second year, Keretapi Sarong saw people from all walks of life participate, but what made it even larger in scale was that we had participation of folks from other cities such as Boston, Washington, Philadephia and Mansourah, Egypt.
482204_497984670238113_1614977633_n</<a href="/?attachment_id=2292" rel="attachment wp-att-2292">ks13_0110</<a href="/?attachment_id=2293" rel="attachment wp-att-2293">577338_497992766903970_697552050_n 482369_497992726903974_1683839169_n

The day started with Keretapi Sarong goers gathering at two designated stations: Hentian Pudu LRT and Titiwangsa LRT at 3pm. We then got onto the trains alighting at Pasar Seni LRT, Dang Wangi LRT as well as Kg. Baru LRT to create a spectacle with buskers and music groups keeping energy levels high. The crowd then headed towards Ampang Park, the last station enroute before making their way to KLCC park. We saw familiar faces too but many were first time Keretapi Sarong goers and even first time sarong wearers. A few Spiderman’s arrived in sarongs and we also noticed sarongs helming from different parts of the world such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. The highlight of the day definitely was getting onboard the trains and then walking along the streets towards KLCC. Just picture us in groups, in our sarongs all having fun, really good fun.
We ended the memorable occasion with a huge group photo of all the people participating in this year’s Keretapi Sarong. A big shout out to Boston, Washington, Philadephia and the Mansourah crew for making this year’s Keretapi Sarong a global event, a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Prasarana for allowing us to get onboard the trains in our sarongs and of course to Wago for the continued support.
Click here for more photos on our FB page

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Keretapi Sarong 2013

Click on the poster to make it bigger. Share this on FB, email and tell the whole kampung. :)

Click on the poster to make it bigger. Share this on FB, email and tell the whole kampung. 🙂


Poster KS13 sq Character Keretapi Sarong

RUN SRG copy

3pm Saturday 23 February 2013

Kuala Lumpur + Inviting Other Cities Around the World. Location for Gathering Point, is secret (see below). It will be announced at 2pm on Wednesday 20 February.

ampang-line e

Update: Announcing the Gathering Point. Below  Titiwangsa LRT Station AND Pudu LRT Station on the Ampang Line.

If you are coming from the other LRT Lines, you can go change onto the Ampang Line at Hang Tuah, Titiwangsa and Masjid Jamek.

Click here for  FB event page for – Kuala LumpurLondonMelbourne – Washington DC – New York City – Boston – Morgantown, Philadelphia, more? If your city would like to join, please email keretapisarong [at] randomalphabets [dot] com.

No Pants Subway – where people got on trains wearing everything but pants. Video.

Keretapi Sarong – where people got on trains wearing everything AND sarong. Official Video – Video 2 – Video 3.

Important: please click on the picture to make it bigger.

Important: please click on the picture to make it bigger.

2013 Submission : Please email us a picture of you in a sarong, with a piece of A4 paper, of you completing this sentence. ‘My first sarong…’ complete it with your story. Don’t forget to bring this paper to the event on 23 February!

If you can design a poster and would like to make your own Keretapi Sarong 2013 poster. Just look at the details above and email it to us. Go for whatever concept you want. 🙂

We are looking for theme groups to be part of this – as long as you have a sarong on you. Come dressed in a kebaya style, shirt + white sarong, angkat baby sarong, baju melayu + sarong, football jersey + sarong, jedi sarong, cosplay + sarong, ninja sarong, suit + tie + sarong, . Anything! Send your suggestions to our email. 🙂

KS13 StarWars Meme

What is going to happen at Keretapi Sarong : firstly, we are all going to meet at the Gathering Point which is a secret for now. Secondly, at the Gathering Point everyone will receive information on what to go in the different groups, and finally we will all meet up again later at one place to close the event, take pictures and make friends.

Wago logo

Wago is a company formed by the volunteers of RA, a year and a half after RA’s first project in April 2008. Both of them work closely together till today, including for Keretapi Sarong. Click here to see Wago’s activities.

*Pics from Keretapi Sarong 2012 – click here and see below:


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