KL Street Fighter 2012: Video

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In December 2012, we decided to create a real life Street Fighter match when you could once again decide your outcome. Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Hadouken…

Mention the names above to any kid born in the 80s or 90s, it’ll be sure to bring back fond memories of their childhood and the carefree times when life was about school and games. At that age, we didn’t have much control over a lot of things. Video games gave us a sense of control and belief that the outcome of the game was in our hands.


If you can recall, December 2012 was a low month when everyone was talking about the end of the world. Although it ended up not ending, it clearly left an impact on everyone.

We (the folks at RA) wanted to bring people together to send out the message that “the city is still alive”.

RA_KL Street Fighter01

RA_KL Street Fighter02

The spirit we used to hold up high when we were young, playing Street Fighter. Hence, we decided to create a real life street fighter match when you could once again decide your outcome. Well, specifically the outcome of your character.

And so, KL Street Fighter took place on 29th of December, the last Saturday of 2012. We held it at two locations – Pasar Seni and Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park with the aim of spreading some positive vibes to the random Pak Mat, Ah Keong and Mariammah on the street.

Credit goes out to all of the team members. The characters (Amir, Navid, Yee Cheng, Nadirah, Syazwan), the camera team (Feixiang, Vince, Clement, Qikit, Dominic, Doris), the prop team (Sara, Fairuz, Acacia), the transport team (Redza, Yiing Huey), the costume team (Melly, Stephanie). Without them, this project would never have been this exciting.




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KL Street Fighter 2012

RA_KL Street Fighter jpeg

Project completed. Video coming soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

*Thanks Wago for the support.

RA_KL Street Fighter02 RA_KL Street Fighter01


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The Green Journey

A project that started off in 2010, grew in 2011 and turned green in 2012. This time around we decided that on top of facilitating the exchange of information on www.paramkl.com.my we would add on a green element. We distributed free tupperwares at selected Param’s in the Klang Valley.


The tupperware give-away idea came from observations of past Param’s where people tend to buy too much food as well as use too many plastic bags. With the tupperware, one could buy food that is sufficient and recycle it too, negating the need for plastic bags.


PARAMKL 2012 Volunteers Ferdinand and Lina being interviewed on The Breakfast Show, NTV7

Suffice to say the tupperwares went like hot ‘apam balik’s’. We hope that albeit a small step, that this creates the awareness in the minds of people to be conscious of over-buying and to also recycle, reheat and reuse. We certainly hope you did as RA spent RM5000 in obtaining those tupperwares, design and printing of the A-boards and stickers all for you lovely people.

The crowd lining up for the free tupperwares at PARAM TTDI



PARAMKL 2012 would not have happened without the support of WAGO, and all the community and youth groups that came out to help us with the distribution.


Volunteers of PARAMKL 2012



What’s in store for PARAM 2013 you ask?    Well, we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?!

For more on PARAMKL 2012: Reviews on bazaar food


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Keretapi Sarong 2012

Zam KS Poster BM

Modelled after No Pants Subway, Keretapi Sarong’s premise was rather the opposite. Kita kan orang Timur. So we called out everyone to get onto the trains in everything they had on plus a sarong.

And out they came to play, proudly showing off the many different sarongs, decked out in an array of ways.

The sarong-ers came, walked, sang and had a brilliant day out, proud in their sarongs.

Check out the pictures here.

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Keretapi Sarong















For more info, go to RandomAlphabets.com/KeretapiSarong ..now.

what we are doing, is something like No Pants Subway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF9FM6KqCu4

watch video the previous project: Fake Water Gun Fight https://RandomAlphabets.com/2011/07/fake-water-gun-fight-2011/

When you come on 25 Feb, write on a piece of A4 paper, your sarong story.

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Pasar Ramadhan KL – We launched this project in 2010 and decided to keep it going in 2011, thankfully with the support from DIVA, the channel on Astro for supporting us as well as the many volunteers.

One of the things they did were to distribute free tuppawares at various PARAMs, car stickers, recycle mesh bags and more importantly contribute their reviews to www.PARAMKL.com.my.  

Above is a video DIVA did for Pasar Ramadhan and below is one that RA did. To recap, the project had quite a few objectives, and to share some of it:

  1. to avoid food wastage, as people were either over-buying out of excitement or not knowing what to buy from what stall as one month is often not long enough to know which stall sold what best,
  2. to promote a more open and better facilitation of information on PARAM’s in the Klang Valley, such as price, traffic and parking issues. Not forgetting, where is best to find what. Whether you’re searching for which PARAM sold what best, or which PARAM sold the best ayam percik/bubur lambuk/sirap bandung/etc, 
  3. to develop a platform where important messages like, bring your own tuppaware to avoid plastic wastage, can be easily disseminated. As well as others like, help the vendors by bringing small change and to be courteous by saying hello, how are you and of course, thanks. 🙂


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