Pasar Ramadhan KL – We launched this project in 2010 and decided to keep it going in 2011, thankfully with the support from DIVA, the channel on Astro for supporting us as well as the many volunteers.

One of the things they did were to distribute free tuppawares at various PARAMs, car stickers, recycle mesh bags and more importantly contribute their reviews to  

Above is a video DIVA did for Pasar Ramadhan and below is one that RA did. To recap, the project had quite a few objectives, and to share some of it:

  1. to avoid food wastage, as people were either over-buying out of excitement or not knowing what to buy from what stall as one month is often not long enough to know which stall sold what best,
  2. to promote a more open and better facilitation of information on PARAM’s in the Klang Valley, such as price, traffic and parking issues. Not forgetting, where is best to find what. Whether you’re searching for which PARAM sold what best, or which PARAM sold the best ayam percik/bubur lambuk/sirap bandung/etc, 
  3. to develop a platform where important messages like, bring your own tuppaware to avoid plastic wastage, can be easily disseminated. As well as others like, help the vendors by bringing small change and to be courteous by saying hello, how are you and of course, thanks. 🙂


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