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Free Hugs at Tugu Negara

*Photos by Shazeea Banu. More from others to come.

Today was meant to be the largest Free Hugs in Malaysian history. Probably even beyond Malaysia. The thunder storm significantly affected the turn out. Nevertheless we went on. And a great time I had!

I thank Shazeea Banu, Jennie Yang (Arif), Hassan SGF, Nasir SHB, Jeremy Chin, Juana Jaafar, Pravin Pillai, Kuan Seng, Yi Sheng, Chak Onn, Maryam Samirah, Noura Talib, Mikey, Shobi, Iqbal, Amin Rahman, Prakash, Khad Lubis, Joshua Foong, Sham Mix FM, Malaysia(n): Travel Affairs, United Colours of Malaysia, the Sun Daily and the Star newspaper for your support, help and/or presence!

We’re not done yet.

Free Hugs at Tugu Negara Free Hugs at Tugu Negara Free Hugs at Tugu Negara


KL Freeze in Unison. 2.30pm. 13th April 2008.**


They did it in London. Also in New York City. And we’re doing it in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 3pm Sunday 13th April. (We will meet at 2.30pm at a location near our Freeze Point for time syncronization and a briefing. Exact location will be revealed on 11th April.)

Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.

Shazeea Banu Noura Talib Free Hugs at Tugu Negara

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