Glee Flashmob Dance 2010

This was a crazy project. Not just because it happened too fast, but also because too many people turned up.

From the day we thought of doing the project, to the day it took place, 20 days total. During which, we had to design a poster, build a mircosite (click here), doing video tutorials, organize rehearsals, choreograph the dance and sort out the musical arrangement.

Thank you to Star World for coming on board to join us in doing this. Their support to help us have a place to rehearse as well as a place to do the flashmob, made it much easier.

Not to mention the various initial and incidental volunteers who helped out where they can. It was not easy for a bunch of non-dancers trying to manage a hall full of non-dancers!

An initial calculation that 300 would come, compelled us to allocate 350 allocation numbers and sections for the dance location. Little did we know 500 over would turn up in good spirits.

We rehearsed mostly, including final day rehearsal, at Gardens Ballroom, then told everyone we’re heading to MidValley Megamall and at the last minute the coordinators ushered them back to Gardens Shopping Mall to everyone’s surprise.

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