Hide & Seek 2010

In late 2010 we were contacted by Unicef’s office in Malaysia to help them promote an upcoming campaign against child abuse. We came up with an idea, to play Hide & Seek in a visibly open public space. For pictures, click here.

Everyone was told to ‘hide’ under their own colourful blanket at 2nd Floor of One Utama shopping centre, and make a big smile while at it. We shot a video of all that was happening.

We wanted to do something that made people want to turn up for the event, and convey our message through the invitations (above is a screenshot of the microsite built), as well as in the video (below) that we produced, using the angle, ‘not everyone hides for fun.’

Thank you Unicef for the partnership (click here for press release) and will done to all the volunteers and participants!

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