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  1. Simret Singh says:

    Dear RA,
    I ve been following u guys since 2008/2009. I never did participate in your events (was away) but i watched all your videos and thought u guys made a huge difference!! im in this group called O.M.G its actually a group of sikh youths who strive to make a difference in random acts of kindness. we started last year and we ve organized a bunch of activities, the biggest was our world smile day at kl central where we gave out flowers/smiley cup cakes/baloons and stuff(came out front page THE STAR). You guys use this same creative energy to extend a random act of kindness to make a difference. Would be great if we could put together forces and come up with one huge random event..either way, i would like to see the MALAYSIAN youth getting together to make a difference. Please keep in touch and lets see where this takes us..

  2. Lee Khang Chern says:

    Hi RandomAlphabets,

    I am very impressed with the flash mob that all of you had done! It was so amazing!

    I am seeking for an opportunity to work with you guys.

    Kindly reply my email soonest as possible.

    Thanks and regards,
    KC Lee

  3. Derek Tan says:

    Hi Zain,

    Derek here, previously from Vocanic. My CEO, Prashant would like to set up a meeting with you next Tuesday afternoon for future collaborations.

    Ping me at 0162053372 if you are interested.

    Be in touch


  4. ck says:

    hi. could you provide your assistance for an upcoming event next week?

    please buzz me.. 012-2509952


  5. Jeshua says:

    Hi RA,

    Hope all is well.

    I am looking for a group of flash mob dancers whom I can hire for an event. It will be held in 3 locations across Semenanjung and would like to enquire if you provide such services.

    Do get back to me soonest possible.

    Am looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks and have a pleasant day.


  6. Jacquelin says:

    Hi There!

    I’m Jacquelin and I’m from an events agency. We have an event on the 23rd November 2012 that requires flash mobs. Kindly provide us with your contact number so we can discuss further. Thanks!


  7. kumeran says:

    Hi guys, checking if ya’ll can provide me the right contact person with regards to hiring your services. Do drop me a mail soon. Cheers

  8. Layka says:

    Hi Zain,

    I’m Layka from Stickman Solutions, we are running a charity event called the Art Of Speed.
    It is on the 7th of May, at Publika, Jalan Dutamas.
    We need forty volunteers to come in for a flash mob, the flash mob will be 1 song but twice on that day. Certificate will be given to all participants, food will be provided as well.

    If interested, please call 012-333 1995.

    • Layka says:

      Sorry mistake in the details, it is 8th and 9th of June, its 1 song but twice a day.
      please call 012-333 1995, if interested.

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