KLFU pictures from the official photographer

Besides having 12 video cameras and planting 3 undecover microphones all over our Gathering Point and Freeze Point on 13th April, I also assigned a photographer, who was also part of the Organising Committee.

Knowing that the event will be swarming with photographers and quasi photographers snapping away at the feature of the event, the 1000 over people that came, the official photographers job was to start snapping from the moment the Committee had their meeting right till the end. In short, she was indeed the most overworked volunteer on that day.

Since I didn’t have to pay her, she couldn’t claim overtime rate. She was someone I barely knew and had only met twice in the past. Her focus was to snap pictures of the Committee members at work. Thank you Ili M for the shots.

Roughy, the Committee were made of 1/3 my relatives, 1/3 people I know and 1/3 people I never met before. Again, to the 20++ individuals who volunteered, took instructions from me, Saddam HusZain, I take my hat and curly hair off to you.

To those reading this, if it’s not too much to ask, please give them a round of applause. I know it feels weird clapping to your computer monitor, but if feels good after a while. Try it for 2 minutes.

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