KLX – Postponed to 14 June! Watch the edited video.

KLX Poster14


The one they did in New York:


The one that’s gonna happen in KL:


KLX has been postponed to 14 June! Watch the new video. Invitations are still open. :)

For more info, read the KLX brief & FAQ

KLX page on Facebook

Hello RandomAgents,

Due to recent developments, we must postpone KLX to 5pm Saturday 14 June.

The last time there was an oil hike, there was also a public demonstration in KL during the weekend. This will significantly affect the safety, smooth running and fun of our KLX.

KLX is similar to the MP3 Experiment done by Improv Everywhere in New York, except ours is far more sophisticated. We studied their videos and developed the idea to something more bizarre. Which in flashmob language, more exciting!

-Zain HD

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