Open Invitation – Merdeka Train Party 31st Aug

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Merdeka Train Party (MTP)

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Decorating the interior of a few public trains. Guerilla/flashmob style.

Imagine decorating the interior of a house for a birthday party. Now that is exactly what RA will do (in a few public trains!) on 31st August 2009 . You’re invited to join in. Anyone & everyone. We will decorate the interior of the trains. We will meet at 2pm for a briefing, somewhere convenient in KL. To participate in this free project, you cannot RSVP via Facebook. Find out how by reading EVERYTHING written below. 🙂

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+Check out this design above. We’re printing 1000 over these balloons.+

As always, we HAVE to keep it a secret until a few days before the event. You will be informed via email the exact of the location of the meeting by Thursday 27th August. For those who rsvp after the 27th, you will receive information about the meeting point on Sunday 30th August.

Which train? KTM Komuter? Monorail? LRT?
We HAVE to keep it a secret for now. When you find out on Sunday 30th August, feel free to invite people you know, but keep it hush hush still okay.

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What do I have to bring?
You MUST come with party props. Streamers. Hats. Anything that is easily attached and detached. And will not be considered permanently vandalising a place. 🙂
Keyword here is creating the atmosphere. Remember, we are really decorating the interior of a train here for a BIRTHDAY PARTY!

We will split everyone approximately into groups of 20. Each group will be in charge of a train and will decorate the train very quickly, guerilla style, flashmob effect.

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What’s the idea?
The idea is to create a similar flashmob like effect. People who do not know about the project, will come into a train expecting the usual scenario right? Imagine their reaction when they see what we’ve done to it!

After that?
Once the train is decorated, you do whatever you like inside it. Take a picture, sing a song, wear a hat, call a cat, whatever.

Ok. So how do I know more about this and participate?
***Click here to RSVP*** and you’ll be notified via email other information you need to know.

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