Next flashmob project by RA, 28 June: Rob!


Next project for RandomActs will be on Saturday 28 June.

It will be something like this:!/

But we are of course making a few minor innovative changes to the idea. πŸ™‚



The original idea was done at the New York Yankee Stadium. Because the high flying Professional Baseball League in Malaysia will be playing an extra game abroad on 28 June at 4 different cities worldwide to generate revenue, we improvise!

We have 3 events in mind to pounce on, and 3 names to choose from. We’re not going to call the name ‘Rob!’ We will choose the name depending on which event we go to, because…we…are…going…to…saboh someone. Kenakan someone. Get at someone. If…you get what I mean.

This person, is not a friend of RA or someone who knows us or what we do. He/she is a friend of a friend. So the element of surprise, is still very present!


We’re making it convenient for you. To participate, email your handphone number to RandomActs [at] RandomAlphabets [dot] com*. We promise you that your numbers will not be distributed or used in an appropriate way. That is our word.

*Email address typed out as such to avoid spamming.

We will announce on Facebook and on, which event we will pounce on 3 days beforehand, Wednesday 25th of June. When we are at the event, we will sms you the cue to start do do the ‘Rob!’



Invitations on Facebook will be out soon. Also, you don’t have to be on Facebook to participate. Just be alive. And have a handphone. πŸ™‚ If the event that we are ‘hitting’ does not have a free entrance, then don’t worry. We’re getting you passes. So you need a handphone, but not money.


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