Merdeka Train Party 2009

Majidah Hashim Merdeka Train Party RandomAlphabets

Imagine walking into a train, and you feel like you’re in a birthday party. Stenciled snow sprayed windows, stickers on the floor to the ceiling and a 150 ribboned helium balloons. All decorated within 3 station stops, by a group of people who ‘stormed’ into the trains. All the trains in operation that day.

That’s what we did on the KL Monorail, throwing the 52nd Independence Day party to Malaysia, on 31st August 2009. Surprisingly, despite it being Ramadhan, 150 over people turned up, and did all that you see in the video. 🙂



RA managed to get a sponsor for MTP, literally last minute (within 24 hours from the moment I send the word out that we needed one). Due to time constraint (24 hours), we didn’t dare to ask a big amount. The last minute factor was my fault as I had no idea helium balloons cost that much!!!

The project, including labour & post production work, is costing RA about (at least) RM2,000 more than the money we got from the sponsor. Again, we avoid seeking donations and are not asking for any.

MTP Crew


Crew members

  • Chris Tock – Tech Director
  • Firdus Ahmad – Art Director (Party Popperz)
  • Akhmal Wahab – Distribution
  • Hassan Ali – Stencils
  • Nasir Ahmad – Balloons
  • Zain HD – Coordinator
  • Niki Cheong – Chief Team Leader


  • Khalil Makata
  • Majidah Hashim
  • Haikal Herobear
  • Dhuha Johari
  • Zulhelmi Misran
  • Rafiq Rokman


  • Vini Balan
  • Ian Kirk
  • Ahmad Faris

Team Leaders

  • Munir Shah + Alia Sidek
  • Diyana Shahrum + Joshua Ong
  • Tasnim Hadi + Alia Wahidin
  • Neena Sufian + Raja Azlan
  • Andy Gan + Ija Mohan
  • Johan Nasir + Juana Jaafar
  • Khaidi Kem + Yasmin Rasyid

Stencils & Balloons

  • Shaqyl White
  • Jackie Lim
  • Khairiah Makata
  • Shiao Yee
  • Anfaal Ridhuan
  • Ariff Irfan
  • Syuhada Ramlee
  • Farah Noor’ Ain


  • Altimet KOMY
  • Chen Chow Yeoh

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7 Responses to Merdeka Train Party 2009

  1. WiseFreeman says:

    Here are the comprehensive HD video coverage:

    Merdeka Train Party 2009 [Part 1/3] by Random Alphabets:

    Merdeka Train Party 2009 [Part 2/3] by Random Alphabets:

    Merdeka Train Party 2009 [Part 3/3] by Random Alphabets:

    Group Dance at Merdeka Train Party:

    7 Masked Dancers:

    Warmest Regards.

  2. julia says:

    wow cool! this is fun! i heard bout this from a fren, she actually join the MTP.

  3. Dylan says:

    GREAT event! too bad i didnt make it. 🙁

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  6. Yob says:

    bro…go to for more pic’s of MTP…its reaalyyyyy crazyy!

  7. Bruce says:

    GREAT event! too bad i didnt make it. 🙁

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