RWP at malaysian student leaders summit

Video will be screened at the 2 day Summit. 1200 Pay It Forward Bookmarks will be distributed via 600 ‘goodie bags’.

If it was up to me, though it still is, I would rather not bog the RA blog with RWP. But more and more entities are getting involved actively, on top of the unexpected magnitude it has grown in to, I will keep everyone updated.

This weekend, is UKEC‘s Second Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. It boasts 22 speakers. Of that, the ones I am interested in are

  • Karim Raslan, Founder, Karim Raslan Associates
  • YB Senator Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim, Minister in the PM’s Dept. – Law and Judicial Reform
  • Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz bin Ungku Abdul Hamid, former VC of Universiti Malaya

*MSLS on Facebook.

Sunday 27 July : Emailed the organisers asking if it was ok to insert 2 RWP Pay It Forward Bookmarks in each ‘goodie bag’.

Monday : One Alia Sidek replied, saying ok while informing that there are 600 goodie bags. It must be delivered to Nikko Hotel by Friday 6 pm.

Tuesday : RA calculated that we have almost exactly 1200 Bookmarks left, which does not only mean we have none left, but must print some more in view of being distributed for Bijou Bazaar. We placed an order with the suppliers for 2000 more.

Tuesday: Replied to convey our appreciation and thanks. While not avoiding from asking whether or not it is possible to screen the RWP video at the 2 day summit, at whatever point they are comfortable with. As what RA did at Farish Noor‘s book launch, an idea suggested by Ezra of ZI Publications. 🙂

Wednesday : Alia replies saying it’s cool and dandy.

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