Simple guidelines for those coming to freeze for world earth day


Freeze For World Earth Day
Save Energy by Freezing People & Power


We will Freeze in Sunway Pyramid at 8pm on Sunday 20th April. Your time must be accurate to the second. Click here to synchronise it.

Be punctual. You don’t want to miss anything out. *Hinthint*

Gathering Point-> 7.30pm. Be around the ice skating rink. Your choice: Ground Floor, Lower Ground Floor 1 OR Lower Ground Floor 2. When you’re there, look out for little green flyers that will have information regarding the Freeze Point. We Freeze at 8pm.

Try coming to the venue, Sunway Pyramid by using public transport or organise a car-pool.

Before you leave your house, turn off as many eletrical appliances as you can. Something so simple goes a long way.

Wear something green. With a (yellow?) smile on your face. 🙂

We will be making an impact and creating awareness in conjunction with World Earth Day. So try to Freeze with items or symbols of environmentalism.

Have sunglasses on and a paper fan to symbolise global warming, Freeze with a group of people picking up litter to symbolise the pollution, or with a flourescent light bulb to symbolise saving energy, with an LRT ticket/on a bicycle to symbolise means of transportation which will help reduce CO2 emissions. Or perhaps with a face mask on to symbolise air pollution, or with a crushed hair spray aerosol bottle to symbolise anti-CFC releasing products. Or you can even Freeze with a plant/small tree in a pot with a bandage around the stem/trunk to “save a tree”.

Those are ideas contributed by Phoon Khai Meng.

Be creative and share your ideas here! Email them to and I will later update it on this page under New Ideas. Whether or not it include props, we want to hear it!


New ideas:

Freeze while holding 2 rubbish bins to symbolise your effort that 1 is for normal waste, the other is for paper to be recycled. Label them. (Zain HD)

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