Video: World Pillow Fight Day 2010 – KL Chapter

Pillow Fight 2010 KL Chapter

Pillow Fight 2010 KL Chapter

On Saturday April 3rd 2010, there were massive pillow fights in cities around the world and this the KL Chapter. The official video for the World Pillow Fight Day that was held in 1Utama shopping centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; brought to you by Random Alphabets.
KL Pillow Fight 2010 was self-funded. All costs was either raised by RA t-shirt sales or from the pocket of the organizers.

This was quite fun indeed. It was our second time organizing this and we decided to add in a few things. Such as, at the Gathering Point, at the Lower Ground level of One Utama, we split everyone into teams. Gave them a piece of cloth as a bandana, some face paint and name tags! Then we split them up by moving towards the fight point, one by one, different route each, where they met up again at the Fight Point, which was the rooftop of OneUtama. Find pictures of this at the RandomAlphabets FB page. 🙂

World Pillow Fight Day: KL Chapter 2010 from RandomAlphabets on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Video: World Pillow Fight Day 2010 – KL Chapter

  1. sean says:

    not much interesting stuff here…but stil hav the pull, anyway let us know what is next event..

  2. Mr Acai says:

    I like pillow fight.. haha.. nice

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